Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

717 April 2022 Verna shows us a variety of energies, and what they are used for.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Mom is here. I started off by getting the beautiful, serene, tranquil setting. It’s like a very wide waterfall, with water coming down over the rocks. But not a lot of water, just enough to make it really tranquil and look peaceful, and the lake at the bottom is almost with no ripples. It’s just the most beautiful, peaceful, serene place. There’s a little bit of mist on the water as if it’s first thing in the morning. And part way up, there is like a big double window open, and Mom is standing there. This is a place for serene things to happen. We go up and inside this place. There is a big bench, and the three of us sit on this bench. We are now facing the window, and behind us, all the rock in this huge cave, is white. It is a cave of energy. It’s a very tranquil, soft energy. And you can see, we are sitting there, and not feeling enormous amounts of energy. It is so light, but there is so much of it. It is trickles of energy. She saying that the energy is serene. So, when you have for example, Royalty, or people in charge that need recognition, yogi’s, teachers, etc. they need a serene, comfortable setting. That’s what this is used for. So that when students come along to learn, they sit in this energy and feel so much peace, so their centres are more than open. Not just the normal chakras that we know of but there are chakras all over the body. All of these open up and allow them to learn more. And we are not talking about learning as one teacher to a group of people, we are talking about a teacher talking to maybe hundreds or thousands of people in a group, talking through telepathy, so this is only symbolic. It is like this but it needs to be in a serene environment.

The three of us seem to be dark, compared to all this whiteness around. It’s not dark as in negative, it is dark compared to the serenity. The serenity is at such a high level, that we have not experienced anything like that. So that is why we appear that low.

We are going outside now. Over the lake. Turn to the left a bit and there is a beautiful valley there. There are white mountains either side of it. White valley, white trees and white everything. It’s a complete village. She says we can make anything out of this white. The white is the base and then we can introduce other colours. So, if you want a beautiful scenario, for instance, let’s say in the country in a field, next to a river, then we can create this huge white, serene environment, then you have the river, which is clear, then you have the field, which is green and then you have a few coloured flowers. And they stand out far more, the colours there are much more vibrant. They have more energy. Because they are working on a much higher level. What you experience on Earth is the basic colours, and you are very impressed with a lot of the colours which you see there, which are beautiful. But if you could see what is up here, you can imagine, the colour are just impossible. She is showing me a translucent purple, an amazing colour. A bit like your purple pots but translucent.  Carrying on along the valley, we go into an area where it’s a different level. The reason she showed us this is because it’s like top of the range serenity, calmness, peace. Now we have come down a level, and I’ve gone to an area, where there is an old farm house and a few farm animals and trees and grass, a tractor and a white picket fence. But the colours are beautiful. They are normal Earth colours but they are so vibrant and so full of energy. She says, because we are so use to Earth colours and Earth energies, and here is a different level of it. So you can get a society living in a level with those colours. Just so much brighter and stronger, and of course you’ve got the different energies, with everything being made of energy, and these are different, stronger energies. So they work in a slightly different way, it’s more advanced ways. It’s just to show you.

Now, going to the left, I am seeing a forest, which is very dark green. Behind that is mountains, valleys, all very dark green. The sky above is a nice, beautiful blue. And it’s the colour here that is important. The green is so dark. She is laughing, because this is the sort of thing ‘Whitefeather’ use to do in the beginning. Show us things and say, “guess what it is”.    

Imagine this valley, mountains etc, with normal vegetation and everything, but the colour is dark green. She says, it is one of the places which they used for evolving, where they limited what the plants and nature could do. So they thought it wise, instead of everything to grow and recycle and so on, that they simply have flower, trees, plants, farmlands, fields, grass and that sort of thing as one solid state. So, it didn’t change colour, it didn’t have an autumn, winter, summer etc. it just grew that colour, end of story. So it became very boring, and dead in a way. Because there was nothing to nurture and grow and look after or make better, it didn’t progress, it was just there. So there was nothing for the Diva’s to do and so the energy all went out of it and the whole became dead. So we walk into that area and feel absolutely nothing, just this dull green. That was just another exercise.

S: this is why we need to progress to grow.

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