Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

730 4th May 2022   Sharon given new ways of Healing by sensing

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

S: Someone is talking about how we see things. Whilst we see things on an Earthly dimension, we see 3D. But the different planets have different atmospheres or stages of development, so they can often see 4D, 5D and 6D. And then you have animals that are in water, that could be upside down, it makes no difference to them. Then you get the bacteria, microbes and so on, going around your body and it’s the same thing, there is no up and no down, so when astral travelling and going to different places, you must keep in mind, that there are all these different variations. So you are only being shown more or less, what is suitable for you to handle.


S: When I am trying to tap into or see something, I just see bright lights.

G: That’s good and you know exactly what it is. Why you meditate so well in the morning is because you are not trying to see things, you are simply comfortable and laid back. Walk into the bright light and see if anything happens or what it is.

S: It’s much calmer when you walk into the energy.  I still don’t know what it is for though.

G: It’s waiting for you to do something.

G: You’ve seen all the different colours you will be using, a vast array of colours, far too much for you to even remember a fraction of them. But they will be used automatically. And where they have areas where energy has been saved, like in mountains, fields, rivers etc. that’s a type of energy for that specific purpose. What you’ve got is a basic energy. It’s a strong energy and because thought is creation, you don’t have to bring in different types of energy, you can simply think about them and create them. So, if you think of the orange that you used before, and if you need some orange, instead of getting it, you can just go to this pile of basic energy, take some and create it. All you need do, is know that that energy is there. So you know you have access to any colour you want at any given time in the future. You will just be connected up automatically. So you don’t have to think anymore, whatever you want is there for you.

You’ve got one more part of energy to look at.

S: It’s a dark energy.

G: yes, quite right. Because you have to have?

S: Negative and Positive.

G: Correct, so you know, that it is always there for when needed. And you also know that negative energy can be used for positive. Now they are going to give you some examples of what sort of colours you would use. They don’t want you to think of the colour. They want you to see the combination of colours, as they happen. And what is going to happen, is, if you stop and try to think about it, it is going to block your mind. So, I am going to say what is Infront of you, you will immediately get the colour, it will pass across like a wave. And then we will simply go onto the next one and the next one. You may miss one of 2 but you will get the majority.

We now going onto a farmyard and the first things we see is a chicken. A white chicken. Then a bunny rabbit.  A little softer and cuddlier than a chicken. Then you get a baby chicken, which would be given a different colour. Moving up the scale, you have got a farm dog, defending its territory, looking after everybody else. Needs a lot of strength. Then you have a sheep, not the brightest of animals, so it just needs some basic colours. Then we move along to a cow, cows generate a lot of food, not a lot of brains, just a machine. Then you get a horse, and the horse is much cleverer. And you’ve got different energies here, the big, physical strength of the horse; the delicate strength of the mind, and of course the way the horse senses; so a nice mixture of colours.

Now let’s look at a few humans: the first one we will look at is sparkles, look at her energy, you have seen it many times, without knowing it or without thinking about it. You just know her energy. Now take her Mom, Tina, there you have a much older energy. Then we look at Sharon B, – S: I get negativity here, and it has gone in, in the energy of thousands of those little black screws, to turn blocked and stored negative around and straight back out again. G: that’s great and when it’s fast like that, you know it’s right.  S: then they used ice, to clear the memories and clean everything. And then silver, and then colour.

G: go back to sparkles (Friend) mom, have a quick look and then move on. What did you get in that quick look?

S: I get orange, and a heavy, depressed energy.

G: That is age, old age. When you go back, like to go back over all the energies we have just done; And you looked at them briefly for a 1 second glance, you’ll pick up the colours without thinking.

Let’s go to an extreme, let’s look down – Putin, that should be interesting. Another extreme is the Queen of England. Let’s move on to Erin, Then Genny van der Krol, Hilary, Berenice, Dave, Bianca.

S: the most interesting thing is feeling whose energies are heavy, light, dark, down, all different levels.

G: you didn’t realise you could do that; you’ve been seeing it but you haven’t realised. So, automatically, when you go back and think of these people. Automatically, you see the energy levels because that is what you are concentrating on at the moment. You see their energy levels, where they are at, and then it’s easy to fix them as well. So, let’s quickly go through a process of fixing them: We will try it on exactly the same level and we do it randomly: Let’ start with Berenice, then Hilary, Dave, Bianca, George, Sparkle, Genny Tina.

S: Everything was so much easier and faster. It’s great.

G: that is great. That’s how good you are. And this is just the beginning. To be able to see that, that is what you want.

S: And George was easy and everything was so fast. And what I don’t have is any thoughts, feelings or emotions linked.  It’s just a process. 

G: As you grow through this life you get to see things based on the experience you have had, what people have told you, and you make things up around just that, instead of being free to see as YOU have just seen it ~ from just a pure energy point of view.

S: And realising what it is that people need, it doesn’t matter who you are.

G: There is a good reason you weren’t shown this a long time ago, because you didn’t have the experience to handle it. You have to through all the crap and all the different meeting of all the people, and you have been through a few of those, to be able to see much clearer now. So now, if you just think of the next step you are going to do. There are many steps that you are going to go through in the future. But your next step is doing this ‘instant healing’, let’s call it. Because now, what is going to happen is you are going to come across people and you are going to read their energy automatically, and automatically bring in the energy that they need, and fix whatever needs doing ~ if their karma allows it. So, you will be just walking through life, that’s all you will have to do, so now we must give you something to do. Let’s let that sink in for a while. You will just be being yourself, and healing and helping masses of people. Quite something. So now, we will start to give you specific things to do, explain what can be done and how you will meet up with other people, form groups, and have a much stronger energy. Imagine if you have this amount of energy, and then a group of 20 of you, each with the same amount of energy. You can basically move mountains. There is quite a lot to that and one of the worst things, of course is ego. At this stage, you don’t have ego anymore, but there are others who are close who still do have ego. The minute you meet someone, that is when the ego kicks in. it is a sort of defence mechanism if you like. And then we will start showing you in the next meditation or the one after, how you can start doing specific work.

S: it’s true, if you walk into a place on your own, your energy is small, you look around looking for an energy match that you can open up to, friends, or a similar energy and then you open up.

If you walk into a place with a friend, your energy is bigger, more confident. Your ego expands your energy.

You are an infinite being, but when you meet someone else, here the ego kicks in and you start judging yourself, or them, or both of you.

G: you are quite right, and it’s something we need to get over. And once we have done it a few times, people will come up with things, that we know are totally wrong, and they will believe they are correct etc. and you will just smile, and let them go. It is so tempting to shoot them down in flames, but a waste of time.

S: It’s the same way to deal with bullies. If you argue with them, you feed them. All they are trying to do is overpower you, so you feed them by fighting back. Or simply “whatever you say”.  You don’t feed their power, you disarm them.

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