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731 4th May 2022 Dimensions, Colours and Energies with new ways of New Healing

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: I think there is one more. This is a mud hut or thatch hut. There is a whole lot of them that have been damaged. Its somewhere like Thailand on the beach. There is a light in one of them. All the others are in darkness. It’s actually quite a nice feeling. They are saying again, when you are doing what you are going to be doing, when you meet somebody, you get this instant understanding of or feeling of the energy surrounding them. Where you get a situation like we are going into now, which is maybe what they are going to show you, is as you get close, you can sense whether it is good, bad, indifferent, or whatever. Simply because you are now able to sense the energy. When I saw this light, I could sense it as being a good energy. Very nice and comfortable. A couple of people in there, just with one light, nice and peaceful. Let’s just go and have a look. And it’s exactly that. This is like an extension of what you have just been told, where you have something like this, now we have got 2 people in a thatched hut, on the beach, the sun has just gone down; it is nice and quiet and peaceful. It’s an idyllic situation, even if they only have a limited amount of food, it’s very comfortable. The way they show you, is not to show you the individual’s energies, but they show you the individual energies in amongst this beautiful scenario. You get an overall picture, of first of all the area, and that will tell you, what the people inside are feeling. When you go to see them, then you can oversee more. But that is how you pick up energy in an area.  That is very neat.

They are showing me, just out of interest, back in the 1800’s, when the Europeans were trying to settle in America, and they started trekking across from the East coast to the West coast. It would take them 7 weeks in wagons. And in those towns, what was created, was a huge variety of energy. Which was basically the energy needed to start that area and get it going. Because there was nothing really there before.

So, all the people going across, are all very excited, and building up an energy. Looking out for each other. Then there are the dramas along the way, the wheels falling off wagons, illnesses, the outdoors, the murderers, good guys, bad guys, fear; there was a little bit of everything in there. They showing me one of the wagons, it’s got a whole lot of different coloured energies in there. It’s symbolic.

So, let’s have a look at some areas: Let’s oversee Ballito. There is a general energy there. Looking closer at Zimbali, it has a slightly more upmarket energy. A lighter energy. You go inland to Shaka’s Kraal, and there you get 2 forms of energy, one scares off white people, and the other is an African community. Let’s go to Palm Lakes, nice, space. Tinley manor, quite a lot of variations. The beach, peaceful, holiday energy. Berg, space, strong, clear.

Let’s try Bermuda, surrounded by water, it’s very uniform, peaceful, comfortable.

Last one, Richard’s Bay, the white squatter camp: 2 opposite energies. Strong because they have to be. Weak because of the situation they are in.  Let’s send them a bit of happiness. Lighten the whole energy.

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