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733 6th May 2022 Using bright and dark energy.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Very nice. Okay, now we’re looking at, the next thing to look at is brightness. So I’ve got a situation where I’ve got a pile of logs. And they’ve been cut some time ago, and they are just stacked (illegally?). A load of logs, they’re pretty dark and it’s sort of nighttime and it’s.. Obviously they look a bit dull and so on. And you put a bright light onto them. What does that do? What does that change?

S: It brings a bit of positivity to them.

G: Maybe think of where you would have a scenario where that would have happened.

S: I know there’s a vast area that has been chopped down.

G: Mm-hmm. . Okay. Keep going, you’re on the right track.

S: So it’s bringing a bit of positivity over that area, to balance the energy there.

G: Pretty close. But we are talking about a specific pile of logs.

S: Okay, so let’s focus on the logs.

G: Okay. Imagine it’s been nighttime. There’ve been all these dull, dark logs. The sun starts to come up and it gets a little bit brighter, and then you put this bright light on them. What does that do to them?

S: It helps balance their energies for what has happened.


G: Yes and no.

What happens to you when you’re fast asleep and somebody comes in and they open the curtains? You’ve got this bright light coming in and shining in your eyes.

S: Yeah.

G: What does it do?

S: It wakes you up?

G: Yes. So now we’ve worked on nighttime energy. At nighttime everything is quite passive asleep, etc. And during the day it’s open. So this is another thing which can happen if you’re going to, it’s a bad example, heal logs.

S: Yes.

G: Better in the middle of the day, than at night.

S: Yeah. Yeah.

G: Not really a very good example.

S: But, it did the job.

G: Yeah. What we were looking at is the brightness.

S: Yes.

Spirit: So if you’re going to, if we stay with a long scenario, if you put a dim light on, it wakes them a little bit. If you’ve got a really bright light on…

S: It wakes them up.

Spirit: Wakes them up much quicker. Yeah. So brightness plays a big part when you’re playing with energy and you’re putting energy into an area, and so on.

We know it’s all automated, but imagine putting energy into a valley where you’ve got to get the whole thing to grow again. And you’re using this orange light to regrow everything.


S: Yeah.

Spirit: Then just give it some bright lights, real strong, bright sunshine. It just speeds up the whole process. But don’t forget, in the spiritual world, it’s not like the physical world where you are limited to things growing at a certain speed.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: Because of the gravity, the air and so on.

S: Time and

Spirit: The spiritual world is totally different. You can make this happen a lot faster. And it’s exactly the same as when you heal people. It takes three days. You can do it a lot quicker with nature because you can’t damage nature as much.

S: Yeah

Spirt: So what you’re healing is the spiritual side of nature. You’re just making it grow a lot faster.

S:   nature doesn’t have the thoughts and the emotions and everything that we have, it just is nature

Spirit: Correct. Yes.

S: It is more in balance.

Spirit: Yes.

S: With energy, so it will react faster as well.

Spirit: Much faster. Yeah. And you can see after a rain.

S: Yes.

Spirit: Where all the plants are suddenly flattened with a huge storm and suddenly the next day they all…

S: Flourishing

Spirit: Yeah. So yes, that’s how you deal with nature. It’s very good.

Do you want to see if there’s anything the opposite of brightness? So where would you use darkness in a similar scenario?

S: I think in places, dark places like swamps and caves and…

Spirit: And where would you use darkness? Just now we shone a brighter light on the scenario. Here we’re gonna put a blacker, darker light on the scenario.

So where would that work?

Perhaps if you think about, animals, if you get an animal which is badly injured and you want it to pass over, you will give it a black light to close down everything so it will pass over much quicker. So if you’re in a major scenario and you gave it a black or dark light, what you think would happen?

S: Shew.

Spirit: Why would you need to do that?.

S: When there’s an area that’s dying, that’s not functioning.

Spirit: No. You must always think of the opposites. What does bright light do? So what does dark light do?

S: Dark light shuts things down. Bright lights.


Spirit: Yes. Dark light shut things down. Correct. Why would you want to shut down something growing fast in nature?

S: No, I wouldn’t…. But where would I use it in nature? Was that the question?  Mm-hmm

Spirit: Why would you use it in nature?

Think of a scenario where you need to close something down, shut something down, stop things growing.


S: I’ve gone around the world here. lol


Spirit: Don’t try. Let it just come to you. What would you need to make cooler and darker? What scenario would you shut down?


S: Fire?


Spirit: Yes, fire.


S: Bush fire.


Spirit: So it’s getting out of hand.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So you can use the dark energy. Don’t forget you’re thinking about this from overseeing a huge area. It’s a bit different from being on the, on the ground level. Yeah. So you use that blanket of blackness just to dampen down the fire very quickly.


And yet you got a similar scenario where you get, for example, Dubai in the middle of summer where it goes up to the fifties, if it gets out of hand and it goes a bit too high again, you want to dampen it down, just to keep the balance, so things can correct themselves. So that’s very good. So, you’ve got positive, negative, then of course you’ve got the balance in between.



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