Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

741  12th May 2022 A long meditation on how kids are integrated into society and family (Well worth reading)

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Now what else can we see? Okay, now I’m up in the sky and can see, It’s like a huge Ferris wheel, but it’s up in the sky. It’s over, and it’s above one of these cities. And it’s a lot of Ferris wheels going in different ways. Okay, now what this is, this is the imagination of children. Now they’ve seen various things and they can create those things and we give them free hand and we can correct things when needed but it’s good just to keep them on the right track more or less.

But also, we let them have a free hand with their imagination and they can create whatever they want to. And of course being children, they want loud things or big things. They want bright things and noisy things and everything. They create all of these things and this is a great place to go back to, and it’s not a specific fairground or whatever that they do go back to, it’s just simply something that they have created. And they just go back there and they play, they enjoy and they create more things. They can create anything they want. They love to do that.

S: They’re literally are in heaven.

Spirit: Absolutely. Absolutely.

S: Don’t tell every child this ok. Lol.

Spirit: Let’s see what else? Animals. Well, we show them animals. We show them animals for, for a very good reason. The animals have a tremendous instinct, first of all, towards children. As you know, big animals won’t attack puppies or kittens or whatever. They just, they just love..

S: Protect them.

Spirit: Yeah. So when they come across little children, animals, especially the animals that we have, they’re created if you like, so that they interact with the children on a very nice level.

And so it’s almost as if they’re on the same level as the children themselves, although there’s no, not so much communication. Because obviously in real life there isn’t that communication. So we have to keep the same here. But the animals obviously come when they’re called and they feel when they’re loved and they love to be petted and looked after and so on.

And of course when it comes to feeding, children love to feed animals.

S: Mm-hmm.

Spirit: But the animals can’t eat all day. But of course they’re basically created animals so they can eat all day.  Lol. We let them feed as much as possible.

S: Oh, Bruno would be happy. Lol.

Spirit: Lol. So the animals enjoy it and of course, the children enjoy it. That is a beautiful thing to see.

S: I love that.

Spirit: Now we also have interaction with problems between the children. In the beginning, of course, there is a certain amount of jealousy and protecting the areas, protecting the things that they have, but they soon learn that they don’t actually own any of these, because nobody gives them a present and says “That is yours”.

They simply say, here is something to play with, or here is something to look at. And all of these things are around, but there has never been an introduction of ownership. So they grow up understanding that you don’t own things, you just interact and with interaction comes an enormous amount of emotion and family ties.

 Now, if you connect the family ties and emotion with the animals, then it suddenly starts to spread. Now, connect that up to nature, then connect that up to where they live, and you can see how you’ve got this beautiful society, which is in its infancy, excuse the pun. And it’s only when we put them on a planet where they have free, that you start to get this introduction of ownership of ego and jealousy and greed, and so on.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: But these are things which have to be learned. But if we can give them a perfect base to start with, then it’s so much better for them. So, you were asking earlier on about when children come down, they all start off as zero, basically.. What actually happens is when they come down, they choose, depending on, I’ll simplify this, where they’re going, you’ve had various types of babies being born in, in your world.

And then they have to be changed a little bit every time. So they come down with a few more different memories and different experiences. So as the world evolves, we will introduce new children, new babies. And when they choose to be born, they will choose memories. So many memories which are acceptable from past lives, which they need to progress.

So as an example, you’ve already gone through, let’s just say the atomic bomb. Which before the atomic bomb nobody knew about, but afterwards, everybody knows about. So there’s no importance of learning that. No reason to learn that lesson again. So they come down with a slight understanding of that. Instead of having to experience it to be able to understand it.

S: Okay.

Spirit: So, they improve as each new generation comes down. So each new generation gets stronger and you evolve. Now each new generation then grows into obviously adults, and they evolve. And, the whole of society starts to evolve based on this one structure right from the beginning.

So the baby right at the beginning is the beginning of the garden that will flower for the next 70 years. It starts as next to nothing with just a few tiny ingredients. You’re quite right there. And then with free will and the support of all the others that join in, that help it to grow right in the beginning, and that’s what evolvement is.

It’s everybody together. It’s a group.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: Everything is one.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: Now, someone is laughing in the background at your understanding now of what is going on with all these children. Lol.

S: Lol.

Spirit: So that’s something you will learn.  Now, let’s look at mothers. Having given birth yourself, you understand the tremendous amount of love and energy that is created when you give birth to a life. It is something which men cannot really understand, but women can. The tremendous attachment you have from the baby, from right… almost inception. As you first know that you’re pregnant, the baby starts to grow, you create this attachment.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: This tremendous love, this tremendous connection. And a minute it’s born, after all the pain, etc. It’s just absolutely pure love that you’re send it. And this is a much more concentrated form of love. Now, both parents can love a child, but a mother will love the children more in a specific way because she is the protector, if you like, of the child because she created the child.

She becomes the, nobody argues with a mother. The father is their physical protector and he will earn the money in your society. Look after the family and so on. But the mother is what keeps everything together. The mother has far more understanding as to emotional and to the child’s needs, than a father would have.

Now, I’m not saying this is in every case, but this is in the majority of cases.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So again, when you get this, going through, you’ve been through 13 years so far, with your son. And you will have noticed that the love you have for him and the energy created between the two of you has been changing as he’s been getting older.

S: Getting older. Yeah.

Spirit: Yeah. And this takes, you can understand that again, far more than a father parent would. It’s simply because you mainly created it.

S: Yeah. And it seems to be who they mainly connect with. Or maybe it’s just my scenario, but also then, like now I see like a huge transition.

Spirit: Mm-hmm. 

S: And it’s just what he is going through. It could be the age and could be everything, but.

But again, my scenarios different because there is not a mother and a father, it’s just me, but I get you, what you’re saying.

Spirit: Yes. And as we were saying in the beginning, his development and the energy created by him, his affection for his mother, his love for his mother, etc, is helped by all the people surrounding.

Now, in the beginning, you met other babies’ mothers, etc, and they all connected, swapped stories, shared information, etc. Some good, some bad, some indifferent, and you had to learn, experience and grow. And then you’ve gone to different schools, different areas, different homes. And you interacted with all these different people and Aiden has been doing exactly the same thing.

S: Mm-hmm. 

Spirit: And all this interaction has created who he is today. He may have minor problems with the way he thinks, his OCD and so on, which you will sort out in time, but there’s a reason for it.

S: A thousand percent. Yeah.

Spirit: So you have been the guiding light, if you like.  Pointing him in the right direction to the best that you know how. Based on your experience and based on all the research you’ve done. But maybe it’s based on your intuition, what you feel, what you sense is right and wrong.

S: Mm-hmm.

Spirit: And that’s something which again, mothers have far more than fathers have. Now, you take a group of mothers and a group of mothers, let say there’s 20 of them, all in a room, all discussing a single subject. And it can be a simple question about how did you raise your child in this particular scenario? And they’ll all have different answers.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: Because they are all based on different….

S: From their experiences.

Spirit: Absolutely. So this is why the world is so different and so varied, and this is why you need total free will to see where everybody is going.  The majority were going in that particular direction. And that’s the direction you’re evolving

S: Yeah.

Spirit: Very simple.


Now if I can briefly talkabut aunties, uncles, and godparents. These are connections made basically by the parents in the beginning, but prior to that it’s all part of lessons within lessons. So when the child chose to come down to the parents, he didn’t just look at the parents, he looked at family structure. Because imagine being born in two scenarios. Let’s just take yours and let’s take somebody identical to you that is now living in, let’s say China or Vietnam, where there is a totally different culture, a totally different upbringing. Yet the emotions and the energies, are exactly the same, in both of you.

So you can get a different upbringing. So, this is what I, when the child chooses his parents, it’s not just his parents, it’s a complete family structure.

S: Lifestyle. Yeah.

Spirit: That he chooses. Now, in the beginning, you can’t tell spiritual people that they choose a whole structure. It’s just far too much. Again, simplicity, we teach them the basics choose your parents. So, more and more of this is going be opened up to you as you grow now, just what you’ve experienced tonight with children. Now you’ve got to multiply that by all the different energies going backwards and forwards and what they can create with their minds. How everything is totally different on this side than your side.

S: They’re going to help me with meditations, right?

Spirit: Yeah. Lol. And they will certainly enjoy it. Now one of the things they are saying, which is very interesting, is you automatically think that when they’re in their houses, as you saw earlier on overlooking Broadway, you imagine them in a place where there is gravity.

S: Oh, yeah.

Spirit: Because you imagine it to be the same as Earth, and of course it’s totally different.

S: It’s not.

Spirit: No, it’s, there is no gravity unless they want gravity. And they don’t need doors. They can go straight through.

S: Exactly. They’re just there. To say howzit.

Spirit: lol. Yes. And of course they don’t need food or police or medical staff or, or Hospitals.

S: Or anything.

Spirit:  Yes. They can create whatever they want and they can change things very quickly.


S: They must be having fun.

Spirit: Absolutely. But that’s what they know.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: This is what, you know, it’s two totally different things.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: So yes, they enjoy what they do. Unless they have a comparison, they’re no better off than children who are playing on earth. Seeing what they do here.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: With the dimensions that they have.

Yeah. How many dimensions do you think there are?

S: Shew. Now there’s a question.

Spirit: Lol. Dimensions are far, far more than you realize, but that will all happen in time. So I think that’s enough for you tonight, and you’re going to get a very special Mwah.

That was granny.

was beautiful. Love you too Granny.

G: Lol. She says quickly, I’m going, I’m going.

S: Yeah, she wants to go with the children. She wants to play.

G: mmm, phew, that got me.

S: Shew.

G: What a lovely chap.

S: You know why she went off… she didn’t want a telling off for not being here for Mother’s Day. That’s why she bolted and she went off with the kids. Just screw this, and I’ve been told off now.

G: That was just so nice.

S: That was very nice. Just picture how much fun all the kids get up to.

G: And they don’t need to sleep.



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