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743 13 May 2022 Connecting to a different group in meditation

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Right, I’ve got a very black family. From up in North Africa somewhere. And they’re saying that, they’ve learned to the same stage as us, but they’ve learned it in a slightly different way. But when we connect to, connect up, we’ll be able to understand why each other has come up with that decision for that particular problem. They’re the same but different. So, it’s like worshiping different gods and Prophets, I can see the whole family there. And it doesn’t mean it’s a family of parents and children. It means it’s, it’s a group and they work together as a group. And now being one of the groups that we contact, later on.

S: Shew.

G: We know there’s going to be a lot of different groups that we will work with, both subconsciously and consciously, in meditation, and will create quite a few things.

S: Yeah,

G: They’re just one of the groups. But what they’re saying is, you know, we’ve seen some weird things these last three months and they said that’s nothing compared to what they’ve seen and they’ve seen it on a different level. So, it’s all very interesting. But, we can share experiences later on and we will actually join up with them and others, later on. And, we’ll have the same sort of goal.

S: Yeah.

G: That’s just going in different directions and we’ll need different forms of teaching to get to all the people, to get them all to think the right way.

For example, how you change, to go to the extreme, how do you change a Muslim’s thinking, when he comes to the other side? Or before, when the change happens. That’s just as an example. And it’s going to take a lot of doing, it’s going to make, people need to understand and think for themselves and not listen to just their religion and what they’ve been told and what they’ve been taught. They’ve got to make up their own minds. And this making up their own minds, will be the key to the change areas. So people will begin to think for themselves and therefore think the right way, more often them not.

S: Yeah, it just shows us how programmed we all are and..

G: Absolutely.

S: We all seek externally for that peace and we are programmed by that external energy. No right or wrongness. As long as it makes you feel better, that’s fine. I’m not judging it, but, um, we all as humans make things so meaningful. Everything is just so meaningful and it means nothing.

G: Uh, yes. Simply because that’s the way that we’ve been taught.

S: Yeah.

G: So, and there’s of course across the world there’s a whole variety of upbringing and experiences. From children, the way they grow, they develop, and the way they think, and the way that they will think in the future.

S: Yes.

G: So we have all these variations and it’s not a matter of converting everybody into one religion and to one way of thinking.

It’s converting the majority. You’re thinking the right way…

S: And nudging the others.

G: Yeah. So, if they all thought the right way, a simple example, you shall not kill or you shall not kill animals, so very simple one. Then everybody would approve that, it would become normal and more acceptable. But it doesn’t have to be because a religion says so.

S: It just is what is.

G: Yeah. Religions as you know, are manmade. And people need to see something, they need to look up to something.  They need to have something which they can, not so much worship, but believe in. And if they have something they believe in, then they can be devotees to that particular whatever it may be.

S: And again, it’s because they’re looking external, because they’re so unhappy inside because they’ve lost themselves and their beingness. So, it’s just about reconnecting people to their beingness.

G: Absolutely.

S: Again, so that they can choose what’s light and heavy for them, what feels right, what feels heavy, and what is going to serve them. But when they find them again, themselves, they won’t be looking so externally.

G: You are quite right.

S: It’s just about evolving and growing and learning, and..

G: Yes, so evolving has changed things more towards making decisions and laws and regulations and technology and so on. Getting away from what you say is just actually being, enjoying the day. But as they evolve, as this change happens, then they will see the, the reality, the simplicity of enjoying the now, not all these external…

S: Exactly.

G:…gratifications. If you think at the moment we spend hours per day surviving, that’s all we do.

S: Yeah.

G: Instead of hours per day enjoying our life.

S: Mm-hmm. it’s insanity.

G: Yeah. It’s time for change, that’s all.


G: Okay, they are just showing me something else. They’re not going to talk about it tonight, but they’re just going to share. They’re just saying there’s one more thing we haven’t looked at. I mean, we looked for more things. We’ve been looking at, insects, animals, humans. They’re going right up to out of space and they’re saying, what about going the other way?

S: mom.

Spirit: What about smaller and smaller? What about microbes and bacteria?

S: Shew.

Spirit: You know, you’ve seen all these pictures of things under a microscope and yet you haven’t looked at how they live, how their energy is, how they procreate, whatever. You’ve seen them from, purely from a…

S: microscopic,

Spirit:…. microscopic point of view,

S: which is only hearing from someone else. Because we don’t have microscopes.

Spirit: Yeah. Now think of what these little microbes do. They’re the basis of the energy of life.

S: Yow.

spirit: Yeah. Think of what your body is made up of.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: It’s all these tiny little,….

S: Yeah.

G: And now we have a completely new group that we could look at and understand and see how they function, but not tonight, lol.

S: But, but, but, but why? Lol.

spirit: We were talking of dimensions, how many other dimensions there are.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: And there are many more dimensions, especially in this particular environment.

S: Is it a different dimension on its own when you become conscious?

Spirit: Conscious? Yes. Conscious and not conscious.

S: Yeah, but that’s a different dimension, completely. So, you enter into a different… completely different level.

Spirit: Correct. And if you take the level that you are now, where physically you are talking to somebody in a different dimension, what dimension are you in? So you are in a 3D Dimension, but you are talking to somebody in a fourth dimension or a fifth dimension. Then you talk to somebody who’s able to communicate with several people at once in different dimensions and then you have a seventh dimension. So, there are many more.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: They are not important at the moment.

S: Yeah,

Spirit: I think that will do for tonight, because somebody here as a blocked nose. Not talking too clearly. But we will talk again another evening.


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