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746 – Thinking the right way to help change Religions and Government

Now, let’s look towards religions and how religions have played a very important part of life on your planet. But you understand now that religions of course are all man-made. So what is the point of having a good religion and a bad one etc. It’s simply a learning curve. So where you will see a religion let’s just take your Catholic religion as an example and they’re forgiving people for doing whatever wrongdoing they think. You may think that that should be changed because that is not the right thing to do but we will know more, we’ll understand more by thinking you need to have a religion like that so that people can see both sides of the coin, the good and the bad, etc.

So we have to let that play out. So don’t be concerned about making a mistake. It’s simply, you must think as you do now, your pure way of thinking. You automatically think what you believe is right. Even if you make mistakes, we are obviously a lot wiser, a lot more experienced, but we can stop those mistakes being compounded through thoughts that you create. So, you’re purely a medium for the energy that flows through you, that comes from us, that can create all of these changes.



Now let’s look at the overall picture of what you’re going to do in the future. You’ve got all these different colours, these energies, these thoughts. You’re able to… ok, you have all these thoughts, energies and the ability to think and make changes. Now think of what’s added to that is the understanding that the changes you make can be enhanced by us and that they will be the correct changes. So now what you are doing is improving everywhere you go, everywhere you look, every thought you make improves the people around you, the society around you and the Earth around you. Now think how important that is. You will be doing that, basically from today. And you will be doing that for the next 10,20,30 years. How many people are you going to touch?


S: Hmmmm.


Spirit: And how will it expand across the World? So it doesn’t need too many people doing it. If you look at it from that perspective.


S: And what’s beautiful is that that is my only job from now on. That is how I perceive my job to be.


Spirit: Yes, just thinking the correct way.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Now also, if we had 10 000 people doing this from today…


S: Shew.


Spirit: The change would be far too quick. And the World wouldn’t be able to handle that change.


S: Ok.


Spirit: Yet, by having people like yourselves, who simply think the right way, go forward and start making all these changes over the next 10,20,30 years, is ideal. It slowly gets into the system and expands and so on and so on.


S: Yeah. Ok.


Spirit: Now this way of helping people on your planet is very beneficial at this particular level. But what it needs to get up to is basically the people who control the countries, the governments, the presidents and so on. And it will gradually get up there. It would be difficult to go there straight away because the changes would be very big. And more people would notice these huge changes that were happening. So it has to be done gradually. And the way to do it is of course it’s happening at this level and then it starts to expand. These people are going to go through life and they will progress into government and municipalities and leaders of countries and so on. Also, when it gets up to the stage of being, let’s take the American president as an example, it’s a job which he relies on many many advisors, but he has to make the final decision. That’s why he was voted in. The final decision affects millions of people. There are two things here. First of all, we can help to make the right decisions but secondly, what we need is for that person to gain the experience of being a president. So that the next time or the next life, or whenever, he needs to be a president, he will have more experience and be able to do a better job and therefore evolve.


S: Mmmmm.


Spirit: So we’ve got two sides to look at there. At a higher level like that, we have a different group of us over here. Advisors would be a very good term. And they look after just the upper realms of those who run the countries of the world. And if you look, you will see there are, it’s evenly split at the moment, good and bad. And it has to be this way for a while, so that this change can happen. Once it becomes more good than bad, then more people will accept this as the norm and slowly that norm will slink back to an even amount of good and bad. But on a less extreme level. Ok, so that is what we must aim for. So in everything, positive, negative, balance.



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