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774     Energies stored in water and crystals

Tonight we are still going to talk about energy. How to use it and where we store energy. Now let’s just go back a little bit. We know that energy is stored in mountains. You may think it’s just the mountain and inside the energy is stored in one big lump, let’s say. Energy is stored easier in earth, plants, flowers or stones, rocks and water. A few different things. And we have to be able to store the energy comfortably and to be able to retrieve it comfortably. Water of course is very good for storing energy, and it’s very useful because if flows all over the place. So, one part of energy we use, is stored in water, and it can be accessed… let me give you this example: if you shine a light on water, you see this prism of a rainbow and there are all your different colours. That is what is basically and very roughly, in water. All the different colours together and we can access them, move them around, and it’s always available, close to where we are, with ease.

Now in a mountain, you have a certain amount of water, which is mainly underground. It flows underground through rivers and tunnels, far more than you realise. There are more rivers under the earth than there are on top of the earth. And this again, moves all the energy around for us. Now, when we need energy stored in a specific area, it’s usually in crystals. And everywhere, in the earth, all the way around the earth, are various types of crystals. Your basic one, of course is your ordinary white quartz crystal. That stores your basic energy, you can keep all sorts of energy in there. It’s not a matter of filling up a box with energy, it’s a matter of being able to recreate the energy, so it’s the ability, the seed if you like, to grow the energy instantly, when we need it. So, in your ordinary crystals, is where we keep the energy. And there are a lot of different colour crystals, where different types of energy are kept. But they are very unusual, we don’t use them very much. Those are used mainly on individual people, for healing, changing emotions, and so on. So, if you think of underneath the earth, let’s go down 1km or so, there are crystals ‘everywhere’. And they are all linked together. One crystal can send information to the next. A bit like your Wi-Fi system. They are all simply linked together, because the energy is live. It’s just stored at those particular points. If we wanted to send energy from one side of the earth to the other, it’s simply through the crystal communication line.

That’s a nice start, but enough about energies.

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