Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

775 Using air to move energy

There’s still a lot more to go, emotions and so on. But let’s do something different, to lighten the mood.

S: I’ve enjoyed playing with energies.

Yes, you have indeed. And all the energies as you know, you move with your mind. Simply by thought. You can move the energy easily to wherever. And of course it helps tremendously to know where the energy is. What you are saying at the moment is, “I need this particular energy, send it over there”.  And not even that much, you just think it’s needed over there and it’s done. But if you for instance, in that particular area, there is a storage of whatever colour you are looking for, that is very helpful. Again, you don’ have to remember it, it could be in your mind somewhere, and when you ask for it, we will find it for you, through your memories. Now, if we can move energy through crystals, how far apart can the crystals be? Let’s look at sending energy up in the air, how could we do that?

S: Wind, air, clouds – Water.

Yes, water is a great conductor. If you take the air itself, where you get humidity here for example, you know the humidity is tiny, tiny little capsules of air, molecules of water. So they are easy to send. So we do it that way, and that is done quite a lot. If we need to, we can always send it across a barren area, like the top of a dessert, where there is no air at all. But, in that case, we would simply go underground, using the crystals and water towers and tunnels. So, there are lots of ways of moving energy around. Now again, we need to learn what they are and what to do, but all these are automated, because we are constantly evolving, and there is no point learning something, which is going to change. So, why spend your energy repeating something over and over again, when it is going to change and you can simply automate it. So, we learn, automate, move on.


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