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777 How spirit creates new civilizations

S: it’s what we do, we see the ease in something, we choose it and say “how nice would it be, just to create and have that”, then we create it, and that is all we have, we then learn from the lack of ‘competition’ and challenge and growth and learning. It would be boring. Yet, we yearn for it so much.

Quite right. So, everything we do, we have to look a little bit further down the road, to see what the next outcome would be. If we change to go into this direction, how is it going to affect our future? And how will affect everything around us? People around us, communities, etc. So, there is an awful lot to growing a country, an area, a planet.

S: yes, that is how we should live.  Living in the now, but how is this choice now going to impact my future and the future of those around me and the planet.

Yes, this is what you must do on every level. Look at the now and see what changes need to be made, and then you must look ahead and see what would happen. If you made those changes, what would it be like? And it can be years ahead. Simple examples you have here, would be with smoking, with your health departments use to approve of smoking, and then years later they are finding it causes all sorts of cancer and dis-ease. So, they simply didn’t look ahead long/far enough, to perceive the impact it would create.

So, we have yet to find the ideal solution for evolving. There are so many different aspects and it’s a combination of all the different aspects. If you just took one emotion out of this planet earth, let’s say jealousy for example, let’s take that off the planet earth. How would that change the way you think?

S: It would affect all sorts of other emotions, competition, challenges, it would have an impact throughout all our emotions.

Yes, and that is just removing one. But now let’s look at all the combinations we have. Let’s just say there are 10 different combinations of emotions, and if you remove 1 or 2 or 3, 4 or 5, and which different ones would you remove. There are thousands of different combinations, which ones do you use. So, it’s a matter of letting all the different planets evolve and then deciding which you think would be the best emotions. And then you find further up the road, that what you decided was the best one, suddenly has long term effects on something. And then you have to start again. So, it boils down to what you were saying yesterday, you just have to live in the now. Because what you have created in the now, is the best it’s going to be, in this particular moment.

S: That is all there is.

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