Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

781 Black spirits, help with rescues and those in the darklands

G: Right, I’ve got a lot of black spirits standing around. They are not African spirits.  They are black spirits because they are pretty high and they don’t show themselves to people. They just sort of work in the background. And where you get the rescues like we did last night, they are the ones that work at this particular level, finding the rescues. And then they report it to whoever is closest, who can get in and do the rescue. Some of the rescues can be for a long, long time, for two reasons. First of all, because time is different over here. Secondly, because some people need to experience that particular feeling and understanding, so that they can help doing rescues in the future. It’s not a pleasant feeling.


But when you choose to go down and experience something you are understanding, that it won’t be pleasant, but you do it anyway, just so you can experience it, better yourself and learn. Some of the people who have come across have gone into the dark lands, the black lands, simply because the things they did on Earth were so bad. And when they came over, they realized just how bad it was and they believe themselves not fit to go into Heaven, so they….


S: So they banish themselves.


Spirit: Yes, they banish themselves. They do some form of purgatory, cleanse themselves. And only when they believe that they’ve been there in the dark lands long enough, and they definitely have changed and learnt, will they actually venture outwards. Sometimes the, we’ll call them black spirits, will have to go down into the dark lands to persuade people to eventually move over. One very good example, of course, is Hitler. We all know what he got up to. But there are many other mass murderers.

But once they came back over here and realized what they had done, they just couldn’t believe how bad they got, because they thought so differently then. And we’re talking about people like Genghis Khan and so on, where they could wipe out thousands of people and feel absolutely nothing. But that, of course, is pretty much in the past. There were a lot more in the last couple of thousand years, those have now dwindled, and I think in this last century, you’ve only had a handful that have really gone to the extreme.

You’ll always find the odd ones, of course, because you need that balance, you need to keep being reminded. But with what’s happened in the past, all these vicious mass murderers, etc, there’s been publicity in your media, that’s got hold of it, and the media has basically told everyone, and it’s in the history books, and therefore you don’t need as much happening to keep reminding people.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now if you think back 30, 40, 50 years, when you didn’t have the internet, you didn’t have the connection that you have. Even fax machines which had a phone, which was slow and cumbersome, and nearly always linked to, I mean, nearly was only suitable for a particular area, even a country was expensive. To phone overseas was horribly expensive.


S: Yes.


Spirit: So they didn’t get that information from overseas. And consequently, you didn’t get the news from overseas either. So all that has been a part of progress and evolving, and today’s society are able to see far more, and therefore they’re able to make decisions far quicker, and therefore the whole process has been speeded up. So that’s where it all begins.


S: Today you don’t need to watch anything, listen to anything, you will hear it through people. Because they live on drama and trauma as well.


Spirit: Yes.


S: So you will hear it.


Spirit: Very much so on this planet. People enjoy the news.

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