Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

782 Getting the media to change direction

If you imagine, you know, you get a dandelion, and when you pick it and you blow it, it turns into a thousand little petals which fly around. You know the ones I’m talking about?


S: Yes.


Spirit: Imagine one of those where it’s black in the middle. The outside is white, but it’s black in the middle, and the black is the stalks of the bits and pieces that are flying around.


G: I can see what this black is, I can see it very clearly. I’m wondering why it’s being shown this way. Black is negative, that is for the stalks. So when you blow this thing, it will fly around, and it will take negativity around, so the positive moves the negativity around. 

Now I seem to be at a seaside resort. I can see houses. Two rows of houses and a beach. Somehow the two are going to connect. I’m not sure why.


S: I can see little seeds flying off, and I can see all the little, it’s like ants all over the place.


G: It’s like spreading negativity.


S: Yeah.


G: So you’ve got this positive, and this black negativity. Ok, they seem to be lies. But why would it be positive spreading lies? Positive is the carrier to spread lies.


Spirit: We are talking about your news?


G: Oh, that’s what it is.


Spirit: Everybody likes the news, that’s the most popular program there is on your television. And it influences an awful lot of people. The media, as you know, influences an awful lot of people. So what we’re seeing here is basically the lies being spread by the media. All the people watching television and so on. So, this is a huge problem that will have to be solved.


Because it’s all very well for the Earth to change and to become more spiritual, more aware, etc. But you’re going to have to change the media, or the media is going to have to change to encompass that. If you can get the media to become more positive instead of negative, of course the job will get done much faster. But what does the media like to do? It likes to exaggerate stories to make them more dramatic. They like to twist the truth to get people’s interest so they can sell more advertising, and what they do.


So it’s very, very false. So how would we change the media’s interpretation of events, or manipulation of events, is probably a better word?


S: Probably with energies?


Spirit: Energies, mmmm…


S: It would have to be something practical.


Spirit: Yeah. If they see an energy, they will write about it to suit themselves, they will turn it into a story to suit themselves. So it’s not matter of the story you have to change, or the energy, it’s the people themselves. So what you would do is you would get a small cell. The media is made up of connections worldwide. There is an enormous amount of jealousy and ego in the media.


S: Competition, yeah.


Spirit: And if you can get one small channel to change, or one small group of people that can change others. Think of this, you’ve seen the stories of Fox in America and CNN. One is a supporter of one political party and one is a supporter of the other. And they exaggerate everything. They run down their opposition all the time. And this has just become the standard, the norm. Now, you have shareholders and you have people at the top who are controlling this misguided information, or this misinformation. And as long as the shareholders are making a suitable return on their investments, they’re quite happy to let the process run as the director sees fit.


What would happen if, for example, the two of you were directors of a TV show or TV studio? How would you change that? Very simple. Just a little bit of manipulation, a little bit of changing. Once you have a lot of followers, then you can start to make changes. So, what I’m saying here is you know how you will influence groups of people, small groups of people, and they will go on and influence others. And so the groups will grow. And it’s going to take a lot of time to get this information out there, but once the majority of the information out there, it’s more positive than negative, people themselves in the media will change, will recognize that it’s far better to have an honest presentation of the facts, than a dishonest one. They will see that simply because that will generate more income for them. So there is your negativity, but your positivity, which is what you want, you want to get the end result.

And they will manipulate it to suit themselves, but they’ll manipulate it in a more positive way. They see the public wants to see things positively, and they will produce them more positively than they actually are.


S: Mmmmm.


Spirit: Which benefits us. Now, the next stage after that, is to go for honesty and so on, but that’s much much further down the road. It’s very interesting.


S: That is why people like carte blanche, because they try to bring out the truth, when it’s going wrong. It’s one program, and people love it, because it’s the one program that tries to bring out the truth in bad situations.


Spirit: Yes. And people in general, like to see people getting caught, bullies getting their penance and so on. So, they really like to see the right things done, but they’re so used to the exaggeration and manipulation by the media.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Other things that will change are your TV shows and movies and so on. They’ve already started changing to accept spiritual life and understanding.


S: They have, yes.


Spirit: And they will simply change more and more. They’ll get away from the very nasty crimes and become more… I’m trying to put that into words…


S: enlightening, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah, that’s put nicely.


S: And music as well, certain songs are very….


Spirit: Very much so. Music plays a huge part in so many things, and it’s something we haven’t discussed as yet. But music can change your mood, first of all. If you’re listening to very happy music or very sad music, it changes you. And, as Geoff was reading today, one of the ideas of the world is that it’s connected through string theory. Now, you’ve seen string theory on one of your favorite TV programs, where Sheldon was working on string theory.


And string theory simply says that in the smallest atom, there is something similar to an elastic band. And when you snap that elastic band, it will make a certain sound. If you snap it a bit harder, it makes a different sound. So the same elastic band can make several different sounds. And the string theory comes from a harp, which has so many strings of different levels. And one pluck creates different sounds. And sounds create vibrations.


So this is in the tiniest of tiny molecules. And they produce neurons and quarks and all sorts of things. So if the whole world was made up of string theory, if the whole world was made up of elastic bands, it would depend how they were moved to give you a result.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: Lol. A long way to go before they that out, but that is just one of the theories.


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