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783 How spirit get us started to view a rescue.

G: I’m not sure what they want to do this evening. There’s nothing specific happening.

I’m back in the farm yard now. I’ve just gone back inside the doors. And I can see now, I can see, it’s an ordinary farm yard. There’s nothing else to see there. There’s no memory rod. This is most unusual. Okay, now we have another one.

Spirit: In order to get you to do specific things, we have to use the knowledge that you have, and the vocabulary that you have, the emotions that you have, and so on. And if we needed, for instance, for you to rescue somebody, let’s just say, who’s frozen in ice, it’s a very difficult thing to get you to imagine, or to put inside your head, a picture of somebody frozen in ice.

So we could do something very similar by showing you something where they were on top of the ice, on snow, and let’s say with very few clothes. And you would then understand that it’s freezing cold and so on. What we need to do is get you to make the right reactions. And then, once you’ve got the connection, then we can get you to do what needs doing. And don’t forget, we work through you, because you accept us to do that, or you can put through the energy needed, and so on. Where there are rescues, it’s very important that you, we need the two sides, the rescuer and the helper, which last night was the two of you.

Because one can get hold of the person who’s being rescued, and the other will talk them through it. Which is something we can’t really do on our own, because it’s done more on an earthly level.

Because they haven’t crossed over, they haven’t even got into the Grayland’s yet, so they’re staying on the earthly vibration, and it’s a bit more difficult for us to get down here, much easier for you to get down here, and so on.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: And of course, as you’ve seen a bit earlier on, you’ve got the black spirits who specialise in finding these particular people, souls who haven’t crossed over for a variety of reasons. And then they each have to be rescued in a variety of different ways. Now in your normal meditation, what we do, as you’ve seen an awful lot, is to show you some unusual things in the beginning, and then you will eventually see how they all tie together. This is just to get you used to talking about what you see, because in the beginning it sounds a little bit strange when you say, I see this, this and this. It doesn’t sort of tie up with what you’re trying to do. So if you think of the one that we had just now, it was a dandelion with black on the inside, and then a seaside with a lot of houses. But it did tie together in the end, once you saw the bigger picture. So it just helps you to see what we’re trying to get across. What we don’t want to do either is just tell you what the situation is. You need to …


S: practice.


Spirit: Practice, yeah, and become more sensitive, more aware, able to have the faith that you are getting it right. That’s one of the hardest things in the beginning, is understand that what you get is correct. Even now, while I’m channeling, Geoff is concerned that maybe things go wrong. It’s got to be 100% correct in his book, and that’s why he takes a little bit more time and gets things done.


And so interesting now, he is talking while he’s listening. Lol. I love it. So we can manipulate an awful lot of things to get the job done, and we can change things dramatically just to get your interest. If you take last night as an example, the sense was big dark energy somewhere on the horizon. It was just a way to attract Geoff back in. We couldn’t sort of say, here are the stables, go in, etc. We needed to attract him first of all. So that’s why that was challenging.


And if you remember, you are out of meditation because we brought you back in to be able to do that. So we do manipulate quite a lot, and the more experience you get, the more you realise that you are being manipulated to get to the result that we want quicker. Ok, it’s very easy.


Ah, now, let’s just talk about groups. If you wanted to get the message across to groups, or let’s say we wanted to get the message across to groups first of all. Let’s say we have 1000 people in a meeting, and we need to tell them something specific. We’ve got to go through 1000 different variations, because of what the people believe, understand, the experience they’ve had, etc. Which is an enormous task. So for us to do it from here, we’d have to have 1000 different variations. Where you could do it live, you could verbally talk to 1000 people and tell them all exactly the same thing. And whether it’s new or old or good or bad, it doesn’t make any difference. It gets to all 1000 people straight away. So that’s one big advantage that you have.


One thing we have to take into account when we use energy on Earth. We could talk to 1000 people, it’s not impossible, it’s just much harder to do. There’s an awful lot of healing to do, all the time. Now, thinking back to what you’ve learnt in the last few months, and now you’ve seen the bigger picture where everything is all energy, we are all one, we’re all manipulating each other all the time. And everything is moving in and out of energy all the time, constantly. So we’re all part of it. So our understanding, our memories and so on, our day-to-day routine, it’s all working independently, but it’s connected to everything else in a variety of different ways. Could be something that you did when you were 6 years old, which is now connected to other people in a different area, but still connected to you. And so all these connections, if you can imagine them, are just absolute wholeness.


S: And how you can impact someone’s world. You move on with yours, 20 years later they say you taught me this, or you told me this.


Spirit: Quite right.


S: You have no idea but you’ve touched their whole world.


Spirit: That’s right. Now you think of something you did when you were 20, and you are going to die and let’s say 80. That’s 60 years. And it’s not just the one person you’ve touched, they will be touching others. And so the information spreads to the end of other people’s lives. It can be absolutely fantastic. Ah, it can go both ways. Good, bad or whatever.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: Of course you know with the teaching you’ll be doing; you’ll be teaching these groups and the whole idea is that you spread outwards. When you think of the possibilities of people spreading the wrong information, how quickly that can spread, because people like to spread gossip as well. And you’ve heard of the broken telephone and so on and how that works.


Again, your world is a mess as far as that is concerned. You don’t have that one ingredient, which is honesty. That was for a specific reason. You’re going through a process now where the majority of your world is dishonest. And even the people themselves are dishonest, they’re showing themselves to other people the way they want to be seen. And they’re dishonest. Even with partners, a lot of the time they’re not honest. So it’s very difficult for them to evolve nicely.


S: Yeah, they are lying to themselves.


Spirit: Yeah. exactly. When you get down to absolute truth, then it works very nicely. So as your world starts to change, so will the outlook of the people, so will the happiness. Now, if you look out at a group of people anywhere, let’s say you go to a shopping mall, and you look at all the people wandering around, do they all look happy, sad or indifferent. There’s no really happy society. And yet if you go to a, what you would call a commune, where everybody is… a hippy commune for example, everyone’s much happier because they’re freer and they can do what they want and so on.


Go to a jail for example, or a court room, where people are so much more suppressed, depressed, miserable etc. So creating happiness.


S: Yeah, that’s number 1. It raises the energy and vibrations.


Spirit: Changes people’s way of thinking, gives them hope, makes them feel positive, makes more things possible. Much much more.

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