Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

784 Spirit lead us in the wrong direction with a weird Octopus.

G: And now, I have a creature. This is in the shape of an octopus. You can imagine an octopus shape, but it’s burnt to a crisp. The skin is black and flaky as if meat had been burnt. And this is its texture on the outside. And it’s got about ten or twelve tentacles, tens of feet, which it walks on. And I’m assuming it’s a brain in there. Now, why are they showing us this monstrosity?

They are showing me all the surrounding areas, which is a forest, all burnt. And this creature of sorts, is burnt. Now, you don’t get an octopus in a forest.

S: Yeah.

G: And they were specific, like 10 legs, not 8. Okay. I go and pick it up. It’s alive. Quite happy. Not in any pain. It’s not burnt. And it can just shed the flakes, the black. And underneath it’s nice and white and soft. So out of place in a burnt forest. It’s like a snow-white fluffy pillow. I still don’t know what it is.


S: Is it not representing again, how animals and nature work together? Feed off each other’s energies. But why an octopus in a burnt forest.


G: They always give us funny things to look at. So, there’s bound to be an answer to it. So I pick it up, I carry on walking through the forest and see if anything happens. Now, the ground surrounding me is turning misty. And then suddenly the forest becomes very pristine. There’s a river down the middle. Green trees either side. And it’s like I walked from a burnt-out forest into a perfectly new forest. And next to me it has a lot of green nature colours. It’s still soft, pliable. It’s changed colour. Friendly. I try and go back in the forest. Can’t do that.

And I stop by a house. A big house. And this is where this thing lives. It’s just getting weirder and weirder. I go inside the house and there’s human furniture, but what would thing do in a ….. Lol, ok, I know what the spooks are doing. Lol. They’ve just been saying, we can manipulate the way you think just to get to the right whatever. Now, they’re showing us all these things and we’re following them as good as gold. The whole thing is nonsense. Lol. 


Spirit: The point of that is, we show you things which lead you to a certain judgement. And then you’re led into the right thing so you can see the actual thing that we want to show you. It’s most important that you check all the time and just make sure you’re going in. And the way to do that is you just wait a little bit and we’ll show you a little bit more. And even if you have to wait a long time, it’s best to make certain. And even if you go in and you make a mistake, you can always understand that mistake, back up and so on. So, where you get a situation like we’ve just shown you, there was no end to it. There’s no story at the end of it, nothing to see. But you recognise that which is good. So you can recognise when we are showing you anything really. It’s just a matter of being able to sense it. Your senses get stronger and stronger the more we do this. And if you think of time now, the amount of time we’ve spent doing this, the number of meditations we’ve done, there must be over probably 100 by now?


S: Oh yeah, easily.


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