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801 Energies Part 2 Your own energy field

Now everybody is in their own… OK, this is now something totally new. Everybody is in their own energy field, if you like. So let’s say you’re stressed about Aiden and you’re stressed about money, but you’re happy about going to visit or whatever, so you’ve got all these different colored energies inside you, but they’re not stuck inside you. If you can imagine a ball around you, and that energy flows in and out, and it’s all the different types of energy there. That’s why when you get too close to somebody, you say, I get in your aura, etc. What you’re doing is you’re feeling everyone’s energy.


So another way you can operate is when you meet a group of people that need help, or an individual person, is you get into their energy, and you can first of all see what their energy is like, and you’ll be able to recognise the energy very quickly. Secondly, you can put your positive energy in there, but also the energy that they need to help with their particular problem. As we were saying just now, you could put in cream energy, for example, and that would allow them to think more clearly and make better decisions and so on.


OK, so everybody you can imagine in a ball of energy. Now, when people get totally depressed, that ball of energy shrinks, and so you see them with a very small energy field around them, which is very dark. That’s why it’s very difficult to get in there. That’s why you can recognise people who you take an instant disliking to, for some particular reason.


But then you get the opposite to that, where you get somebody who’s very happy, very outgoing, for example, like your mother was, and they have a much bigger energy field, and when people walk into it, it’s automatically very happy and jolly and comforting and so on.










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