Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

802 Energy Part 3 Children and animals

Spirit: Children, of course, have energy fields, and young children, they’re very volatile, because they’re using and creating this energy very quickly. They’re beginners at it, if you like. And, I won’t go into too much detail about how the energy is created at this stage, but you can imagine them being in a ball of energy, if they can’t get their way, the energy suddenly gets darker and so on. It’s not so much dark energy, but angry energy, or, you know the emotions that children have.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Then you get happy energy with happy babies, and then you get things like puppies, and kittens, etc. Things which automatically create beautiful energy when you look at them, etc. Now, if you take a kitten, for example, or a puppy, that has this beautiful energy because you look at it, and automatically you create energy which goes into that puppy’s aura. So it becomes a little bit bigger and a little bit more likeable, but also the puppy gets a little bit more comfortable. So that’s why dogs are very good at sensing. When you go close to them, they can sense who’s good, bad, they’re actually sensing, their auras are sensing the energies. It’s exactly the same as your dog did with the rescue a couple of nights ago. He was able to recognize it coming very close and picking up everything that was needed.


Spirit: Yeah, I was walking past along the road the other day, and I was walking past a dog that ran out barking, and I just sort of expanded my energy, and just carried on walking, and just slept fluffy words to him and he didn’t even come near me.


Spirit: Excellent. That’s very good. Now, the more you do that, the more you see that sort of proof, the more energy you can create. Your energy is limited in the beginning until you prove it to yourself, and it’s the same with a belief system. You have to experience more and more to actually believe it. Let me just explain that more clearly. You don’t have to experience it 100% according to your Earth rules. Love, for example, you can feel it, and it gets better and better and better. You know it’s there, but you can’t actually prove it. So, when you see something happen like that with a dog, and you do that several more times in the future, you know you can do it. There’s no if’s or but’s.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: The more you can do that, the stronger it becomes. And then that’s why eventually, animals will basically be controllable, because they’ll feel such a beautiful energy from you, and they won’t feel any fear, and they’ll walk into your energy and then calm down and relax and so on. That’s why some people are just so good with animals, and some people are just the opposite.

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