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805 A long talk on energies Part 5 Royalty

Spirit: So, very nice. Now, let’s see who we have missed out. Let’s have a look at royalty. Now, Kings, Queens, royalties, premiers, all those sorts of things. There’s a huge variety there. And what is needed is for souls to get experience on that particular level. So there can only be one, for instance, Queen of England in the last seventy years. So whoever was next in line to choose that particular path, so they would gain that experience, would do it and of course hundreds don’t. They do in other dimensions and all sorts of things, but just in general they don’t. So what happens is they come down with a few more memories, and they’re indoctrinated into how royalty should act. And their energies are basically created for them. Now, they have their individual characters of course, but this is mainly dominated by the rules and regulations and the structure of a monarchy, or a government, or however way the country is run. And they must stick to those rules, they’re very solid, they become very committed. So the individual evolvement, the way they evolve individually, is very limited. So they’re experiencing something which is basically looking after other people on a huge scale.


Now the Queen of England, for example, is just more of a figurehead. But if you take the Shah of Iran or the, in Israel, the Prime Minister, they have sway over a lot of people. And they can, a few words from them, can change the minds, can affect a lot of people. So they have to be very careful in what they do. They’re also very limited to what they can actually say, because they’re constricted with the rules and regulations, the structure of governing that particular country, whatever it might be.


Now if you take America, for example, where you have presidents, and the president is seen as the most powerful man on the planet, he does actually make decisions, but only a final decision. What he has is a lot of people surrounding him, experts. So when something happens, he can turn to the experts and say, give me an expert opinion. And in most cases, he will agree with it. There are very few individual decisions made. So it’s based on a lot of people giving their opinions and then he makes his. So again, to create your own energies there is very difficult. You’re again very constricted. But you have a lot more freedom in America than anywhere else, or most other countries. And you do get people who do stand up and say some strange things, for instance, Trump, for example, is a very bad example of that. But again, you need to see those sorts of people, so you can see the opposite of it.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: Well, I think that covers everybody on your planet. Should we go to other clients and see what they have?


S: Yes,


Spirit: No, I think not. Lol. Yes, I think that covers all of that tonight. Let me have a quick look at nature. Ok, they Sharon, you work in such a different way. The more you evolve, the more types of energies you create, and the more you do create, the bigger variety there is. Alright, that’s it for this evening. We’ll leave it right there.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: Once again, good night.


S: Good night.


Spirit: And we will chat again tomorrow.

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