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812 Learning channeling – Part 2 Using negative energy

G: Now, I’m looking down on a… a lot of sort of scrub land, and down the middle there’s sort of the beginnings of a canal, or it’s a very old canal that has, you know, grown, it’s not used anymore and it’s just become a bit of a bog, a muggy canal. And, if I look behind it, I can see there’s a lot of marshlands and a lot of bog, a lot of stored energy. Now I go down into the energy. I know what a bog feels like. Dark, black, mud. Probably smelly mud. I sink down into it. And I do this here, and it’s not as bad as that. It’s a valley which is coated with a dark energy to make it look like a bog. Now, why would something like that happen? Why would you have a valley which is made to look like a bog?


S: To deter people from going there?


G: That makes sense.


S: So, to protect something.


G: It makes more sense. Okay, yeah. You’re quite right.


S: Negativity protecting positivity.


Spirit: Yes, you’re quite right. Again, It’s symbolic, but you’re quite right in what you’re saying, is that you can put up, or spirit can put up something negative, like that, to stop people walking in a certain area. So they can, I don’t know, they can keep energy there, or they can do things there, or whatever they need. Again, it’s just another idea of what can be done.

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