Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

813 Learning channeling – Part 3 Symbolic scenes

G: Now, I’ve got two tunnels. Two tunnels, bored into the rock. Each as big as a normal freeway would, going through a rock. A freeway tunnel.  Lots of things came out of them. And I’ll go in one just to see what’s inside. And it’s a dead end, it doesn’t go through. Again, symbolic. Don’t assume it’s a tunnel.


So, I can see, I understand what they’re trying to say. Okay, this is the new energy.


G: Okay. What we’ve been learning all along, is you get these experiences, and then you do things based on the experience that you have. And now we’ve suddenly been sort of upgraded to do all these different things where Spirit are working through us, and they’re doing a lot more than we can do on our own.


But because of that, they can see a lot more than we can. So therefore, we mustn’t just assume things based on the single experiences we’ve had. We must be very, not worry about just opening things up to Spirit, and saying, okay, just do your thing. Allowing them to see more, to make the changes, we don’t want to override what needs to be done, by assuming it’s something that we know when it actually isn’t.


So they just show us a few different things to show how different things can be to how they look. And they’re saying, if you could see into all the other dimensions, it affects other dimensions somehow.

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