Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

818 How religions will change Part 2 (Wars)

I want to touch a little bit on wars. You’ve had two great wars on this planet. Many others beforehand, but in your memory, your history, you understand the two great wars, the World War I and II. And there, millions of people were involved. Basically the whole world was involved, but millions of people died. And that was two things. First of all, it was a learning curve for everybody. Once they understand, once they experience a war, it shouldn’t happen again, but it does, because there are always extremes. You see, both of those wars were started through Germany, for different reasons. So, I’m not saying that we started the wars. But sometimes it needs some form of apocalypse to rebalance the planet, to get it to grow again in a more understanding way. And these can be through wars, through plagues, through famine, through a variety of different ways, it can be constructed through nature and so on.


So, we have a hand in this, to a degree, but we always leave the free will on earth. So you can see now how we can manipulate small things by using, for instance, using you two, to channel energy through you. But we would never do anything which you did not agree to. So we’re still giving everybody free will. We’re just using slight advantages where we can. The advantage is to benefit the whole of the world so that they can evolve, they can learn, they can understand, and make it better for everybody in the future.


So, that’s how we look after things. We could often speed up the process. Hopefully we don’t make too many mistakes, but we can see when things go off track, how we can recover, get people back on the right track in the simplest of ways. At the same time, everybody needs to learn. Luckily what you’re learning here is rather primitive compared to what there is available.

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