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G:  Okay, we’ll go for some peace and serenity. Okay. We’ll go down, down, down to a nice valley. This is a huge valley. It’s just green grass. As far as you can see, mountains on either side. Directly in front of you is the sea, the shore, but it’s a long way away. Probably ten miles away. So the sea is ten miles away in front of you, mountains on either side, big green valley. Right in the middle is one tree. It’s a huge tree and you’re going to sit with your back to that tree.

S: Mmm.

G: Now, what you do is you just suck in the energy. What’s around you, what nature gives to you, what you send to nature, it gives back. So, when it feels so good, nature gives it back to you. And that’s why you can feel so comfortable doing something like this. So, you first of all sense all the grass stretching as far as you can see. You’ve got the nice earth beneath you that goes down a long way, as you know, with all its insects and bits and pieces and life forms in it. You’ve got the mountains either side, which are full of energy, you’ve got this massive tree. The tree is your strength, your peace, everything. It’s right in the middle and it’s just very powerful and very peaceful.


It’s been there forever and a day. The roots down below are as big as the tree itself. And it soaks up the sunshine and has lots of birds and small animals and all sorts of things in it. Now, I want you to face the sea with your back leaning against the tree. And the sun is going to come up there. It’s early morning, it’s warm already, you can feel the sun on your face and it’s going to get hotter and hotter. It’s going to get up to a very nice, comfortable temperature. And what you’re going to do is listen to everything that’s around you. Just lie back and listen.


You will be able to sense all the tiny animals and bugs and odds and ends and all those bits and pieces that you sense most of the time when you just look outside. Then you’re going to sense the energy that’s moving around over the surface of the grass. Because all these little animals and insects create an energy. You can imagine when they move, they leave a little trail of energy.

So as you look at the grass, you see this path of energy. Everything that lives there, everything is just moving colours. And there, of course, you’ve got all your nature-divas as well.  And they stir up the colours even more.


Then rising just above all of those colours, are lighter colours, where it begins going, mixing with the air. Now way over to your left, maybe 50 meters away, is a nice stream running. You can hear that stream. You can sense how cold the water is there. You can sense it’s going over rocks. That’s the sound. You can sense that there are fish there. There are birds on the edges. Nothing is really moving, it’s just nice, peaceful, tranquil. And what you see going down the river is positive energy. As well as not getting rid of the negative, because you’re in an area with nothing positive, so everything in the river is positive. A colour going down there is beautiful golds, purples, yellows.


And in the mountains in the background, they just have nice deep colours. They shift very slowly, the whole rainbow of colours in there. And they move very slowly, big solid colours. And you’re absorbing all of these colours. And as you look upwards, you see tiny, tiny particles of colours, just like a colour mist. All the colours you can imagine going upwards to the sky. Everything starts to connect. Everything is drawn into this beautiful tree. Everything is drawn into you. All that energy coming towards you to create such a peaceful, peaceful sanctuary for you. That is where you’re going to stay for a while, and just watch, absorb, enjoy, and I’ll come back for you in a little while.


There is one more thing I would like to add. This is our peace center. This is where we bring people to who need peace, tranquility, release from day-to-day stress and problems. And they will feel this energy of all of us in this valley.  I would like you to do one more thing, and that is to listen. For the sound that we can make, and for the emotion that we can provide.


S: It is truly beautiful here. I can feel all the energy. I can feel my body expanded, being an energy being.


Spirit: Yes. all one joint energy here. And that is what you will be, when you listen.



G: Phew, that was something else. How do you feel after that?


S: Peaceful.


G: Mmm. That was quite unreal. All the colours. Constant movement of energy.


S: Eventually my body was not my body. It was just energy.


G: Part of the whole thing, yeah.


S: Energy. Full of energy. And that was, the person talking was like in charge of all the energy in that area, like a cross between a nature diva and a spirit. They were just energy. That’s why they were struggling to talk. And because it seems they don’t have sort of loud sounds; all they communicate with is energy. That was just. She took over and wanted to talk for a long time. And eventually started. That was too beautiful.


S: Mmm.


G: I think the overall thing there was. That’s where they put people who have a lot of stress and worries and problems and dramas and God know what. Also, presuming when they cross over. I don’t know. They can take people in astral there. And certain cases in meditation. Hmm. Let’s see if I can see a bit more to that.

Okay. It’s a place that they create whenever they need it. They don’t have to create the scenario that I started with. Because I got that out of doing that in meditation. They can create whatever is needed for the people at the time. Whether it’s under a waterfall on top of the land or in the desert. And so on. And all they do is they bring along the energy. All the energy that goes with it. Everything is alive and everything is around you. And everything is growing or moving or walking or whatever. And they just bring that energy to create this one calm environment with no negativity in it at all. To put the people in to sort of de-stress them. After accidents they do this. When they have had a traumatic accident. While they are unconscious they will put them in a place like this. To relax the soul and spirit. So that when it comes around after the accident they are more at peace.


S: That makes sense.


G: So it’s like a group of emotional nurses. They can just create this anywhere it’s needed. So that’s what they basically created for us tonight. Neat.


S: Shew, That was beautiful.


G: Yes. I mean I was seeing the grass and it all of a sudden started moving. You can see like a zillion bugs there. All these different colours moving along. Like wispy trails of beautiful colours.


S: And then all our… All the little nunu bugs. It’s just like feeling everything until I’m just like energy. I’m like… wow.



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