Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

824 (July 22)   Sending Sri Lanka energy Part 1

G: I’ve got a lot of energy. Lots and lots of energy to start with. Lots of different colored energy. Now, I’ve got a sort of screen, it’s very Indian, it’s full of all different shapes, whirls, etc. different colours and behind that screen there’s a mass of energy. Lots of yellow and red mainly. Red is to build, yellow is communication. So I’m going to go around the screen and into this colour. And see what it’s all about. 


This is the event that’s happening in Sri Lanka. As I went through I went into this massive yellow energy which is spiritual connection, so it’s just communication with spirit. On the right-hand side was a lot of windows, it was like an airport with all the windows there and there’s people crushed up against the windows and it’s to do with Sri Lanka. The President of Sri Lanka fled the country and then remained on his agreement and this upset the people and there’s massive poverty there. Mainly there’s massive anger there, that’s the big thing, people need to get rid of all this anger so they’re able to start rebuilding the community. That’s where the red comes in, the red is rebuilding etc. 


Now, we’re tied in with a lot of other people around the world to balance this energy. Put in the energy that’s needed to calm the people down and it’s a very strong energy. It’s got to be strong energy because the people there are very angry and they just want to rebel and revolt and loot and all sorts of things and that’s what we’ve got to stop because once you get that ingrained into them it’s going to go on and on so we simply got to calm them down, make them understand and so on. We’ve got to get one person to stand up and say okay I will take control, I will take over, leave it to me, I will sort things out, trust in me, go for it. What we’ve got to do is give people the energy to go for that particular person. So we’re going to do two types, two types of energy. One is calming them down; one is making them go towards that specific person. It doesn’t matter who it is at the moment, what they’ve got to do is they’ve got to believe as a group, as a group energy that we will all go in that direction. If we all go in that direction that will calm down the country and that will allow us to rebuild, regrow, get back on track and so on and in a very short space of time everything can be sorted out.


If it’s not sorted out it’s going to be absolute chaos and drama because if it’s not sorted out what happens is it goes the opposite way. The media take control, the world media take control and the story starts to spread about how bad it is, how worse it’s going to get and so on and it just gets worse and worse and worse and it will collapse the country. So that’s our two choices so that’s why we go in with this amount of energy. 


Now you can see very clearly how we can all work together and this is one of the things that both of you will be doing and you’ll be doing it quite often because there’s a lot of things that need sorting out like this. It’s just a matter of using the energy. We’ve got the energy, we’ve got access to it, we’ve got the people that can handle it and all we have to do is put it into practice. Now, it might not be happening now, it might be happening in a few hours’ time or it could have happened a couple of hours ago. Time is different but we use … We’re recruiting you, and all the others to work and create this sudden surge of energy which is needed to solve the problem. Wow. and they are gone, shew.



G: Okay did you get that?


S: Yeah.


G: Lol, Know what you gotta do now?


S: Amazing.


G: Now that’s why you felt that, I don’t know if you got it in the beginning, the energy was very



S: Yes, connected straight away like boom. okay let’s do this.


G: Yeah.


S: I’ve still got a pussycat wrapped around my right leg, literally wrapped around my right leg.


G: Yeah of course he’s got strength and power.


S: Yeah. Amazing and fast just boom, boom, like finally we’ve got it, let’s take it people, let’s take it.


G: Well they’ve got to get through to a lot of people in a short space of time so

I think that person talking was like an automated.


S: Yeah.


G: And it’s just because that’s what they should be able to do.


S: They have to do it.


G: Because we’re all going to be tuning in at different times. I know many years ago, 20-30 years ago when Mom and I were doing a lot of this, we’d have to tune in at certain times during the day.


S: Yeah.


G: And we’d be driving somewhere or we’d be at the bush or on the beach and suddenly they’d tune in and say right you gotta do this. We’d both tune in and see something we’d have to do. Not as big as this, not anywhere near as big as this, but helping individuals. And yeah that just sort of comes very fast.

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