Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

825 Sri Lanka part 2 restructuring the Country

Right, now that people want that, let’s see what else we can do. All right now there’s a second part to this. The first thing we have to do of course is just calm down the country, get it back on track, get people thinking the right way.

But then we have to restructure and build the country, that means putting in everybody’s minds the right way to distribute the energy that we have between us, to get the emotions correct amongst all the people. Because you’ve got this huge group energy and that’s what is being affected, what will be affected. And that will suddenly calm the people down. It’s a bit like when you have a temper tantrum, once it’s over you suddenly calm down dramatically. And this is going to be the same sort of scenario.

They’ve built up this aggressive anger that’s been going on for a few days now and the bubble has to burst, something has to happen. And when that happens then it sort of fizzles out very quickly, everything comes down. People feel a little bit relieved, deflated in some cases, there’s a few different emotions. What you need is something to carry on from there. So immediately what we need is to create a tranquil environment and you know exactly what a tranquil environment is from last night.


So imagine that, just imagine in front of all the people and we’re talking about looking at a day. So looking on the left-hand side of you is the beginning of the day and on the right-hand side is the beginning of the next day. So what you imagine is all the people on the left at the beginning of the day, then you imagine this tranquil, all the flowers, scenarios, the colours, the whole field goes right across until the next morning when the people walk through that. That’s how you get into all the people.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Now that calms people down and makes them stop and think etc. The next thing they need is how do we restructure, how do we rebuild, how do we make everybody happy. Because what’s going to happen then is once they’ve calmed down and they’ve thought about it, they’re all going to say well we had this massive drama, we had this very bad government, we need to have our say and we want to do it this way. And other people say we want to do it this way and so on. So you’re going to get these individual groups together and they’re all going to be trying to do things their own way and what you need to do there is just calm the groups down. There will all be extremes, from one to the other. They’ll be very determined groups because you understand that when you do things that you believe is right, you don’t want to change somebody else’s belief. In this case a lot of that’s going to have to be done. They’ve got to be able to make concessions, see the middle road, for the good of everybody.


Now to get this done you need people at the top, who can then convince groups of people, the right way to go. One person, let’s just say Elon Musk for example, talks to a group of people they all respect him and they all calm down and then suddenly you’ve got a huge group of people which has calmed down, which will help expand into others.


From there, don’t worry about it too much, it’s natural evolving from there onwards. Once you get to that particular stage and the country starts to rebuild itself, that takes all their energy, it uses all their control and energy to start rebuilding and growing and that’s where their focus will be.


Okay. That’s very good. Thank you. Very good. We’re going to leave a color there. You’ve seen the field of all the different colors there, which is tranquility etc. Now, Imagine those colors are a little bit stronger and they’re compressed into these original sweets that used to have candy sweets which are striped colors etc. Imagine that, so it’s not quite crystals but it’s like that and the whole mountain of those they’re just on one side and that’s where they can draw energy from for whatever they need for the rebuilding and that’s simply through a thought. You create that through a thought, it’s there and that’s the job done, very simple. Good. That’s all there is for that one. And you can carry on, thank you.

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