Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

827 July 2022 Russia v Ukraine

Now while we’re here, let’s just go into the Russian-Ukraine war and see what is happening there and how we can help. Now again this is something which has to continue on its own because you’ve got massive amounts of people on either side, lessons being learned on either side and the overall lessons learned for the world. Because with the change, it’s starting to happen all around the world and it’s a very important part of it. The ideal solution would be that all countries become more self-sufficient and they become more successful and therefore calmer, tranquil etc.

So you have to burst the bubble on a lot of these things. The Ukraine-Russia war must come to a climax and come to an ending and whether it’s an extremely violent ending or just a compromise and a rebuilding process, it just has to be done. If you look over the area, just imagine in your mind, the whole area of Ukraine and on the right-hand side, you’ve got the Donbas region where Russia is trying to take over one section. Why they want that section is that the thinking at the moment is they’ll take over that section and they’ve got access to the ports and down to the Crimea. They basically stopped Ukraine from moving down to the port, so they’ve isolated Ukraine and therefore they can have a lot of leverage because Ukraine needs those ports for shipping with, first of all their grain but secondly all their other products.


They’d have to go out and make a deal with Russia and that’s a deal that they don’t want to make but they have to make that deal just to stop the continual deaths and shelling of the cities and so on. That’s a very difficult decision to make and that’s why you need a lot of leaders to get together to try and make the best deal possible. Very difficult.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: This is how they learn. They learn through their mistakes.  Now, lots of people have been killed in Ukraine, the numbers in the thousands, lots of civilians, children, and of course lots of soldiers on either side. And what that is going to create is a lot of grief. From, first of all, the wives of the soldiers that have been killed, then the relatives of the people that have been killed, the civilians. And you know the feeling of losing a loved one, so you can imagine when that multiplied by thousands of times. The group energy of grief, which surrounds Ukraine is just enormous. You can feel it when you go into that Country.


So we need to leave that there because that is part of the process which will force people to make the right decisions in the end. If we removed it and put in for example to exaggerate the point, a very happy energy, it wouldn’t benefit anybody. So we have to leave it there and just be prepared to help when the time comes. Now, as you know we have access to all sorts of energy and we have access to all sorts of people like yourselves who can help us whenever it’s needed. So that is pretty much under control but we just have to let it play out until we get a final solution.


When that happens, and there’s going to be lots of other countries, where the wars will come to an end in one way or another. And that’s when the change can finalize. Once the countries start to become successful. And if I can simplify it by saying, once the countries start all to make more money, so everybody has more money so they’re all happier, then conditions are far better all the way around and then more money can be spent helping the impoverished areas and the areas that have problems.


Wars are only fought because one party wants something the other party has.

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