Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

828 July 2022 Russia v Ukraine (Pets)

Spirit: Now, just one more thing to do with Ukraine and that is the household pets that are there. Now these are actually looked after far better than you think because they’re not involved in anger, and trauma and so on. What they will do is they will lose the people who look after them, the ones that they love. But animals being animals can move on, they will feel that loss of course, but they will move on in most cases they’ll be fine. But in a lot of cases, animals are being looked after by groups who take on these animals, especially when the people have left, millions of people have left which means millions of animals are being left behind.


And what these groups are doing very quietly is simply euthanizing the animals because there’s nothing else they can do with them. And what’s could be nicer for the animals, in the end? To cross over and be comfortable. So they will wait for their owners on our side.


So not a pleasant thing to see, but people understand it from your point of view. And understand how it is satisfying, put it that way. The other thing animals will do is they’ll learn a little bit about being abandoned, about having to fend for themselves. And this is more a little bit more to do with their lessons there. The people who have been left there. The majority of people will be suffering hardships. They will refuse to leave their home. Well, let’s just start with a few people being killed. And when you talk about a few thousand being killed from several million, then it’s a very very small percentage. Then the amount that get injured will be probably three or four times the number that have died. But again, when you compare it to the millions that are there, it’s a very small number. Then there’s the millions that have already left Ukraine. So, it’s a very small amount.


The people that are left there are people that are very stubborn. They don’t want to leave; they’ve got their little home. And even if the home is partially destroyed, they will rebuild it. They will have very few facilities, for instance, running water, electricity, etc. But all that will come back in time. But they will survive, and they will be happy to survive. There will be hardships. Money won’t mean anything, and that’s very open in the certain areas. They won’t have access to a lot of food. But it will make them look after each other. It will make them grow their own food. It will make them develop necessities that they need. Even generating electricity, water and so on has to be done, so they will find a way to do that. And that is also very good for them to learn. And those that are successful, when Ukraine gets back on its feet, will be in a much better position than those that have left.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, that’s a learning curve for everybody. There are very few children left behind, because the first thing a parent wants to do is send the children to safety. So a lot of them, the majority have been sent with other families to camps outside of Ukraine. And of course, on the western side of Ukraine, there is no activity at all. It’s just carrying on as normal. So there’s a lot of families and children over there, and they’re basically staying with other Ukrainian people, who are looking after them and just putting them up in their time of need. So it’s not so bad for them, they still have access to food and blankets and fuel.


S: Okay.


Spirit: So what you see happening is only this certain part of Ukraine. But the point of us telling you all of this is so that you understand it from an overall perspective, what is going on there, what is needed, and how the energy moves, and how people learn, and how you can help when needed. And I’m sure you will always be available for that. No doubt at all.


So that I think is enough for you for this evening, and thank you for listening, and thank you for understanding, and I look forward to coming and working with you again.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: And good night.


S: And good night. Lol.

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