Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

862 July 22 Ten years to go (Part 1)

G: I’ve got something in front of me which is a little bit weird but that’s not unusual. It could be the spirit giving us examples of what they can do. But it looks like a cylindrical spaceship being loaded on the back of a truck. I’ve actually seen this before. This is just an example. I saw this before in a movie about three or four weeks ago where they dug up a spaceship in the back garden. It was superman in a spaceship that he came down in.


And what they’re saying is, we can show you different things. It’s that easy. Because what we’re doing is we’re taking something which you can understand.


S: Recognize. Yeah.


Spirit: Recognise, yes. So it’s very easy to change somebody’s thinking that way without showing them something new. It’s showing something which they understand. Pretty good.


S: Shew.


G: That was very neat.


S: Yeah. A word…that is also when we are… or I am talking to a group of people that are stuck in their ways or whatever rather than just calling for spirit beings to… But I can say, okay, so who needs to see what and can that please show up so that they might see that.


Spirit: Yes, that’s a very good example. And as long as you don’t go, as long as you stay within the bounds, that’s fine. It’s to let them…


S: Just say for it to show up, I wouldn’t even focus on it.


Spirit: Yeah.


S: I wouldn’t even know what it was probably. But even just to change one person’s reality and they could be shown something that could draw them to that.


S: Yeah, it’s changing one person, as you know, that affects other people, which affects others and so on. It just grows and can be a huge amount in the end. So whether you affect one or a whole group doesn’t make any difference. It’s just as powerful.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, we are staying with this energy of… it’s changing the earth. The next ten years, how the earth is changing in direction and energies and emotions, the whole works, the whole scenario is changing. And what they show me over these ten years, the whole thing is really a mess. Because all these things are being brought to a head. Things are being shown to be untrue. Others are being shown to be true. People are not sure who to trust, what to follow and so on and so on. And it’s going to take a lot of sorting out, but it’s just a matter of time. It goes through several generations and each generation will change so much that eventually you get to the end result that you want.


Now why are they showing me this mess?  There must be more to it. One of the ways that they’ll be influencing people. Let’s say it’s exactly ten years that this change is going to take place. So when people sort of look ahead and they can sense what next year or the year after is going to look like. Things are getting better or things are getting worse. At the end of the tenth year they’re going to be shown that wow, this is really happening. It’s all going to work. It’s all going to happen in the tenth or eleventh year. That would just get people to generate more energy. They’ll be far more positive. That positivity will spread and that will help others reach that particular level much, much quicker. So it’s getting all the people. So that’s a way that we’re going to influence them when it gets closer to the time. So they see.


If you take something which is like, let’s say an election which is going on. In the beginning you don’t know who’s going to win or who the front runners are or whatever. But as it gets closer you get a better and better idea because the word goes around that so and so is going to win or this one is going to win and so on. And that’s when you start making up your mind. There’s only two or three in the running. So then you can choose one and it’s the same sort of thing. When we get towards the end of this ten years all the huge number of changes and so on have pretty much been sorted out. And now things are slimming down and they’re able to look ahead and they can see this makes sense to me. And that’s the path that they will follow. That’s the path we want them to follow. So that’s how we will influence them in that particular time.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Now, this one here (Geoff) is going to be 85, so you (Sharon) are going to be 60 when it happens. But that’s still young. So, you will enjoy it. You certainly will. And your son of course will enjoy it even more. He won’t understand it as much as you do or what you’ve been through. He will certainly be entertained, let’s put it that way.

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