Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

863 Ten years to go (Part 2)

What you must also see, you probably haven’t thought about it yet, is let’s take your guides. Your guides are, let’s just call them Christian because you are. What about guides of Muslims? Now,  they are guides who understand the Muslim religion. And they must relate to whoever they are guiding the right way. Now, they’ve got to first of all guide them through their Muslim experience, because that’s what they chose. And then they’ve got to change them towards the end, or maybe when they cross over, only then do they change, etc..


So, what I want you to realize is that behind every group, every religious group, is a group of us guides helping that particular class of people. Probably something you hadn’t thought of before?


S: Well, I had, because I was thinking in a small way, not to the extent you just said. Because if I’m talking to a group of very staunch, whatever religion, do I have the backup of guides showing, you know, doing certain things and showing certain pictures that maybe, like I said, just one person can relate to you when they just get an image of something. Or it pulls them towards a balanced state or a different way or whatever. So, that’s where I pictured all those guides lining up appropriately, such as to them. That  could help transfer them to the way of being.


Spirit: Yeah. Now imagine a scenario, quite unlikely, but just imagine that you with all your guides and helpers meet a group of Muslims and all their guides and helpers. And you are now talking to them and discussing this that and the other and so on. It’s going to be very difficult for you to put across your point of view. You can help a little bit, you get a few bits and pieces across, but not the majority. But how do you think your guides feel versus the Muslim’s guides? I mean, obviously we’re connecting, so we’ve got to be very careful about going overboard, of doing too much. You have total free will, you can’t change that. We can only nudge you in the right direction and guide you. So the guides for Muslims will be getting them to support their religion because it’s their belief.


S: Shew.


Spirit: Yeah. But we do work together, we understand what’s going on, that’s a big thing. We understand completely what’s going on, because we’re so much more advanced, because we’ve got all our memories up here. And down there it’s limited. You have your free will, which is most important. That’s how we can get decisions made, that’s how you can evolve. So you have free will, but we understand what’s going on. So we can watch these scenarios unfold and we can learn from it. Because it’s obviously going to happen again at some stage in the future and all these memories, these results are all stored away with memories, with all the others, and they’ll all be available for anybody else in a similar position.


Now as we get towards the 8th, 9th, 10th year, you’ll see the religions changing slightly. And what will happen is right at the top of each religion, they will get more and more concerned, they’re more dedicated, that’s why they’re at the top. So they won’t leave, they won’t change their mind, but their congregation will. So, their congregation, their followers will get smaller and smaller. And only when that happens will the guys at the top realise that something is wrong. Why are we losing all these followers? And only then will they start looking at it, and some of them might understand and leave etc.


But what you’re left with at the top is first of all, the memories that you need, but also those people are going to have tremendous egos and very, very strong beliefs in what they do. But that’s fine, they can stay there, even if they have no followers, but they stay there as a memory to what not to do maybe in the future.


S: Mmm. A good example.

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