Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

867 Chatting to spirit as to how the new era will unfold (Part 2)

What you’re doing now is you’re learning on an individual level. Your higher self will send down one or two or seven or twenty or a hundred Sharon’s into different dimensions, different areas, to gain certain knowledge. When you come back, your higher self will absorb that information and then all the different Sharon’s will carry on to go into different lives on different planets, sometimes to progress more, sometimes to start something new and so on. Each time, Sharon comes back to the higher self, it feeds that information to the higher self, and more and more gets absorbed.


When you get onto the mental levels, you have a lot more brains, if you like. You can think a lot quicker; you can do a lot more things, you can do things an awful lot faster. It’s like your computers down here can-do things in a fraction of a second, and we can do the same thing up here once we reach that particular level.


You know about the next level being the mental levels, where everything is thought, you’ve got the additional music, the additional sounds, and then you’ve got all the additional energies, and there’s hundreds of different benefits. But then you reach a certain stage where there’s no need to progress any further as an individual.


Because you understand so much more about what true love is, what contentment is, what understanding of life is, you don’t need to carry on growing individually, because you’ve become a family, and you will take a group of you who will work together, and there will be no ego, no animosity, no, it’ll just be one. But it would be like joining 20 people together, using all of their brain cells. Because at the same time, as an individual, you work together.


So, what you plan is, let’s just say we’re going to create another planet, we’re going to create the next level of species. How would we do it, using all of our information, all of our intelligence? Because we’ve all been experiencing life on different planets, evolving different ways, etc. So let’s all pool our knowledge. And we all have this genuine experience, and we’re happy to pool it. Which you’re not here on Earth at the moment, you’re not able to do, pool that information. Because of jealousy and greed and ego and so on.


Whereas at this particular level we are, so a group of us will get together and say, right, let’s do it this way, and you’ll make a suggestion, somebody else will, and so on. And this all happens ultra-fast, and there are thousands of different decisions to be made. Not just small ones, as you have at the moment on Earth, but thousands. And we will create what we believe is the next generation, if you like.


And then we will oversee that growth, that generation growth, with the help of teachers that have already done that. Because we need to experience it and not be told how to do it. So if we get stuck, we can ask for advice exactly the same as you do. But the free will is then ours at this level, same as yours at your level. So groups of us will get together and we will create a new planet. And that new planet will become literally our whole family. The closeness, because of what we’re creating, is on a higher and higher level.


Now at the moment, let’s say, we are creating a level that you are at the moment, on an Earth level. But just imagine in 100 lifetimes of time, where you are farther up the ladder, then you’ll be more attuned to the guides that are there. You’ll be at the level of guides, the level of teachers, you’ll be at our level. So what happens at that level is that communication is very simple. Because you’ve got an evolving species and you’ve got guides next door and they can chat, the same as we’re chatting right now, but much, much faster. And the evolving takes place, not so much on a physical plane anymore because we don’t need it, but it takes place literally in the mind. Thought is creation, you can create anything you want with your mind. So once you get your mind active, you can create anything possible. You can create a whole universe if you wanted to, but you understand that.


And what you want to create is what you need to be able to evolve. So that may be a few planets, several planets, a hundred planets, we don’t know. But at that level, you start to create the society that evolves and then integrates with us. And that becomes one huge family. Imagine having a family of that size with that amount of love and that amount of energy. Ah, it is too beautiful, too amazing to see.


S: Shew.


Spirit: And all we’re doing really is moving closer and closer to God. And then you move on past that to the next, the next, the next, and so on. So, but that’s as far as we need to go. Lol.


S: Yeah, yeah.


Spirit: But isn’t that a beautiful thing to look forward to?


S: Absolutely.

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