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877 July 2022 Spirit explains Asteroids, Meteors, Stars and planets (Very good)

S: I was expanding and expanding and expanding and expanding all up to the galaxy and then

the found myself floating all around the galaxy and I can just see how everything moves all the

time everything is constantly moving and moving and moving and moving and moving and my body just floating up there.


G: That’s great. I’ve got a little Red Indian here. And I’ve got a huge volcanic crater I think he wants to tell us a bit about that crater. Let’s see if I can pick up some of the material that caused this huge crater. And he says we won’t because when something impacts the Earth at that speed it creates basically an explosion.


Spirit: You get this huge amount of friction as the material comes down through the gravity and so on. So it’s traveling at, you’ve got the Earth moving around and then you’ve got space not moving so as something enters the atmosphere, the speed is in the thousands of kilometers per hour and that’s where you create shooting stars, it’s the friction from the rocks and so on.


So when something this large actually hits the planet, there’s such an explosion caused, that most of the material is blown out of the crater and in all directions. It’s pretty rare that you’ll get one chunk left over, it has to be pretty big to do that. The impact that it has on the Earth can affect far more than you can imagine.  Because it doesn’t just affect the life like you’ve heard of the dinosaurs being wiped out etc. That does happen, this happened several times.


But also, the impact will create the energies that are on the Earth. It will affect the crystals which are throughout the Earth. Suddenly the crystals feel this shockwave. Therefore it unsettles the crystals, that’s a nice way to put it. So the balance is well and truly thrown out of the Earth.


So, as the Earth continues to spin with a balance, without a balance, it has to now start correcting itself. These corrections can take many years or in some cases many centuries to get back to the comfortable equilibrium that it had before the impact.


Now most of these impacts were, most of them, a long time before, before there was human civilization, which you now know about. There’s only been a few small ones since, but they have created huge amounts of structural damage The one that you will probably understand or remember is the one in Russia in the 1930s and it hit in the middle of nowhere and it just felled thousands and thousands of trees. If you get the chance you must look at the photographs just to see the impact and the damage that was caused. Now, if that were in a built-up area, there would have been many thousands of deaths.


Now we cannot change directions of these asteroids and meteorites. It is all a part of evolution, a part of growing. We can see these things happening from a distance and we can plot their trajectory and can see where they will land and we can look ahead and we can warn people if it’s feasible. Otherwise it’s something that just must happen as part of the universe. What we can do is, to put it bluntly, move undesirable elements there, elements that we would like removed from the surface of the planet, we can move them in that area or vicinity.


S: Okay.


Spirit: So they can get eliminated. But that is very rare, mainly it is the energy that we would move there so that the impact would dissipate the energy. Now with the impact and the destruction comes life because there are opposites to everything that you know. You get this huge impact which destroys and disrupts a lot of things. But what it creates is a new living energy.


If you can imagine fusion, the impact creates so much fusion, it creates different changes in chemicals close by, chemical reactions, reactions in the air and so on. It also changes the energies that are stored there. As you know, energies are completely covering the planet, from below the ground to as high as you can go, there’s nothing but energies moving around.


So the impact of a meteorite comes through the Earth’s atmosphere, at a tremendous speed, disrupting all that energy and then disrupting the energy on the Earth itself, the impact going right through to the core of the Earth. So it changes a massive amount of energy.


For us, we would view it the same way as you would view the floods that are going on at the moment. It creates a lot of devastation, but again it creates life.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So that is why we let them happen and everybody evolves. Now, there are lots of smaller ones that happen all the time. These can be very small, the size of a small stone that reaches the Earth, or a cricket ball, that sort of size. They can also do a lot of damage, but also create a lot of life. These, normally you see, will enter into the sea because the sea covers two thirds of the planet, and therefor they are rarely seen.


S: And the water will slow the impact down.


Spirit: Yes, it will indeed. Now, if you had a large meteorite hit the water…


S: Mmm.


Spirit: that will obviously create waves.


S: Mmm, tidal waves.


Spirit: A tsunami, yes. And that can easily travel around the world.


S: Yes.


Spirit: That has been done many times before. But most of it a long time before your evolution.


I’d like to tell you a little bit about the stars and the planets and the way they were formed. It’s something that you won’t be using in the future, but it’s just interesting to see that these do develop and expand. They are formed in various ways, and I will simplify the whole thing for you. If you can imagine that on Earth, we just discussed, that energies move from one extreme to the other. From below the surface of the planet, right to the edge of space. It’s constant energy moving, all these colours moving, if you can imagine that.


And then if you look up at the stars, if you can imagine the same thing happening with all of those planets. And they will all be having energy moving in different ways, even the planets that aren’t yet living they will be living to a degree within themselves, inside the core of the planet, you get the various colours moving around, etc. Of course, what happens with these stars is they build up and they explode. And they explode with such huge force. And that, of course, is energy, and that creates all the different colours and energies, etc. that are needed to allow life to grow on the planet.


So you get these tremendous explosions, and then the stars start to form and then life starts to form on the stars. And this can take thousands, sometimes millions of years. But what I wanted you to see was the creation of all these colours of energy in the sky, just imagine every star that you can see is just a ball of multiple colors. It shows you a different picture of life out there.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: You look at it and it looks very cold and sterile, and a long way away. The long way away is true, but the energy is throughout. Now, between the stars are massive areas, we’re talking dozens sometimes hundreds of light years. And here you get energy moving from when the galaxy first started. Energy starts to move in one direction and will continue to do so. It is same as you will see light at the edge of the Earth, which you know now is 4 or 5 billion light years away. That light is still coming towards you here, so what you’re seeing is something that happened several billion years ago. If you’re able to see it, the way it was intended. All you see is a tiny little dot. But that will just give you an idea.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So the pathways between all the planets are also multiple-colored energies moving right across the galaxy, from one side to the other. So the movement is constant, what your scientists see is space is cold, nothing moves, and there is nothing there. They’ve only recently discovered black holes, but there is far more to it than that.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So your civilization is developing nicely, as far as that is concerned, and they’re looking at proving things scientifically. But it’s only a few more generations time that they will start looking at things that science cannot prove. And therefore they will get into the realms of love, emotion and energies.


A lot of the top scientists understand that there are energies out there, but they don’t know how to quantify them, how to measure them There is no way at the moment. So.


S: So they would rather not say anything.


Spirit: Mmm. So, that I think is good for a very quiet meditation this evening.


S: Yeah. That was beautiful, because I have an affiliation with the galaxy. Lol. Thank you.


Spirit: You do indeed. And I will say good night.


S: Thank you and good night.




S: That was beautiful because I was being swished around in the energies all around, everything just moving with all the colours, and the energy was moving around, just going around things I was like woah, what a space ride.


G: So everything is energy, all connected as far as we can see.


S: And it doesn’t stop moving.


G: Yeah. So we are just in a giant soup of moving energy.


S: Yeah, we are just a little pee in the pot. Pea in a soup.


G: That wasn’t our usual guy


S: No, that was a Red Indian you said.


G: Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Because he was told to say goodnight.


S: We’ve probably got a sign above us, yes.  Anyone that talks here say goodnight. Teaching the spooks manners lol. 

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