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878 July 2022   How “The Change” will affect China

G: Right. We’ve seen before where on the horizon it’s become very bright, or huge amounts of energy there or something. Can you remember those?


S: Yeah.


G: Okay. Now, I’ve got China. Definitely China. And the horizon is all like red, dawn or dusk. So there’s a lot of energy going on in China. Lots of energy. Let’s see if we can see what it is. See I know for fact things are going on in China. They’re thinking about invading Taiwan. Or they are talking about? They are also talking about joining up with Russia?




G: Yep. So, let’s just see what… I mean, if it’s a lot of people. Okay. That doesn’t fit. Where you get this amount of energy, it won’t be the government, it comes from all the people. So that’s what creates that massive amount of energy.


S: Yeah, because the government alone, would be a singled-out energy.


G: Yeah. So, the people are very unhappy with something. Now, it could be the financial crisis. It could be Covid.


S: Yeah. It’s that mass negative energy, collective negative energy that’s built up.


G: Yeah. I’m just assuming it’s negative because it doesn’t feel very light, so. Now, the other thing is it’s reddish. And red, as you know, is creation.


S: Mmm.


G: Also, so is communism. So, maybe they’re going to recreate. Anyway, let’s go in there and see if we can see anything instead of guessing. Okay, it seems to be a mixture. There are two things. First of all, the Chinese are very into saving face. And with the Taiwan thing. Taiwan sort of went independent after the Second World War. And it was considered to be a part of China. And China still considers it as their territory, although they’ve done nothing about it since the end of the Second World War. They keep threatening to. So that’s one side that creates a lot of problems because of this saving face thing.


The second part of that is the new sort of traditions of no longer sort of, honesty, integrity and discipline and so on. It’s opening up to the West and making money for the country, dominating, becoming the world number one, that sort of thing. So there’s your two. That’s the kind of controversy, the disagreement that’s going on at the moment with the two types of people.


So the older Chinese, they still believe in honesty and so on, although they’re a very dominated race. And the old politicians, of course, they believe that. The new way of thinking is two things. You’ve got your politicians who want to go out and sort of grab more money and become world number one superpower, etc. But you’ve also got the people out there who have been exposed now to Western television. And how the rest of the world lives, and what they’re saying is, well, we’re tired of being dominated and we are looked down upon in China, we want to be the same as the rest of the world.


S: Yeah.


G: Because the rest of the world is free and we’re not free at all. China has a very firm grip on all of its peoples. Very strict rules, regulations, the police have pretty much a free hand to keep things in order, so discipline can tend to be brutal, because there is no concrete law, you know, it’s just the strongest survive. So the police, if you’re in the police, it’s a good job if you think that way, because you’ve got pretty much a free hand to do what you want, but that suppresses the people.


And since there’s group suppression, they’re now pissing off the people, and they’re thinking about what can we do about it.


S: So, it’s like a rebellion.


Spirit: Yeah. Now they’ve seen, on Western television, there are rebellions happening all over the world, because it’s only when people come out and demonstrate themselves that you actually reach a point of where rebellion can happen, or change can happen. If you take most countries where there is poor government, or the government is corrupt, or the president or whatever is corrupt, they put up with it for ages and ages and ages, and eventually they’ve just had enough and they all come out on the streets.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And that’s the only way you create change and that seems to be what’s happening or going in that direction, in China. What’s stopping it at the moment is the brutality that the police can dish out if one small section decided to go rogue and demonstrate. But if you had the whole country together doing it, then it would mean totally different things. So, I think word is spreading, that this is the sort of thing that everybody is thinking of, and it’s slowly spreading throughout China. That’s what is causing this problem.


S: There’s a lot of people in China.


Spirit: There is indeed. By the end of this decade, there will be more people in India than China.


S: Mmm.


Spirit:  I think what the government is going to have to do in China is appease the people a little bit, by making a few, let them win a few points, just to sort of keep them quiet for a while. It seems the sort of logical thing to do.


S: It just shows how all energy is building up everywhere though.


Spirit: It is indeed. Very much so.


S: That is what is causing all of these disruptions.


Spirit: Yeah.


S: People have had enough. There’s so much changing and so much building up.


Spirit: Yeah, absolutely. The thing is, the governments know that this is happening all over the world, the governments understand it. But they can’t afford to tell the people because the people will then realise there’s some sort of crisis. So they sort of kept to themselves. Politicians naturally lie simply to keep everybody happy. It’s a standard procedure. If we just look at how many places there are, wars going on, revolts, disagreements. It’s all sort of coming to a head.

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