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880 How “The Change” will affect the other Countries

Okay, let’s look outside of that, see how the rest of the world is going to do. Right, I can see all of the countries just being grey. With a few exceptions. The grey just means they’re the in the doldrums

S: Yeah.

Spirit: They’re not doing too well. Because of the finance on the planet that was badly introduced many centuries ago, because of money being an aspect, it’s thrown everything out of balance. If there wasn’t money it would be a lot different,


S: 1000%


Spirit: but you wouldn’t have the technology and the advancement that’s gone with money, that money has been able to create. So, again it’s a learning curve, which way do you go? Do you stay being primitive and happy or do you progress. That’s why the next generation of children are going to be technology, ideas and technology.. I think what they have to do is control money. Money is what is killing the people. There’s probably enough money to go around, the same as there’s enough food to go around. It’s just that they’ve allowed things to get too out of hand.


S: And it doesn’t work for the average person.


Spirit: No, but these major companies have shareholders, and everything is being created around keeping the shareholders happy so they keep the money flowing. Instead of the people.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, there’s a couple of nice exceptions. Little countries. Iceland is one. They’re very comfortable up there. Basically their thinking is, well it doesn’t really matter. We don’t have a big army or anything, so there’s nothing we can do. So probably nobody wants to dominate Iceland anyway, but if they do, well, we will just live with it. Very simple.


Then you get a little country like Lichtenstein, they are the same.


Other countries all seem to have, besides things like the Seychelles and odd islands, but the other countries all seem to have problems. They’ve all built up these problems. I can see them as all as debts. Now I don’t know a lot about World finance, but it looks like every country is in debt. Every country has borrowed money from the Union Bank or whatever. And you’ve got to keep pumping money into a country to keep things moving and keep jobs and keep money circulating, so that everybody is happy.


Europe doesn’t look too bad. This is weird, I’m just sort of going around the world very quickly. Europe doesn’t look too bad at all.


Africa is, it’s got some colored sparkles in it, but it’s going to be a while before that happens.  It’s sort of starting to happen in Africa. There are a few places but not many.


The Middle East. We’ve got Iran and Iraq. Syria with Muslim places. They’re going to be a mess for quite a while.


And we seem to go to poor places, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, across to Thailand, Philippines, they’re all still poor. That’s interesting. Now, they don’t have technology but they’re still poor, so maybe technology creates growth.


S: Mmm..


G: Must do. Okay, Australia’s very good. New Zealand is very good. South America, now that’s a real mixture. We’ve got some very bad places there. It’s a bit like Africa. Lots of dictators and bad places, but a couple of places where it’s all very peaceful and so on.


Spirit: Okay. Now, that’s a sort of overall picture. They won’t give us any specifics, because we would tend to think, plan our future around those specifics. Which is not right, we’ve got to do our own thing, experience and so on. But, there shouldn’t be too much of a concern to us, because when this change takes place, it’s going to be very hard for so many people. It’s a bit like the world’s economy crashes. I’m seeing over the next ten years, it’s like, when you see the scenes after the First World War, where there’s all those trenches and mud and bodies everywhere and so on, which everybody’s seen, it looks like that over the ten years. And I think what they’re just saying is, you know, lots of countries have to be written off and start again. And it’s actually a good thing to start again. When you get, we know in Germany, after Germany lost the war, the Second World War, they had to rebuild Germany. You’ve got to rebuild it, because the people there need to live, there’s still a lot of millions of people alive. But also, you can now invest in Germany, because there’s going to be a lot of construction going on and a lot of rebuilding. And therefore you create a lot of profits, so to get investors in is quite easy. So, loads of investors go along to Germany, people now, they were fed up with the war, and now things are brightening up again, they can start to buy houses and cars again, get industry going, start working again, and start to get back on track. And it didn’t take them very long to do that, just a few years. And they were well and truly back on track, only after about ten years, and yet the damage that was done to Germany was just billions and billions of dollars of damage.


Now, the same thing can happen with our country. Where you get a country wiped out financially. Just think about what can happen here. Supposing it does get wiped out, South Africa for example gets wiped out financially, and everybody basically is starving. What happens to bank accounts? Nobody’s going to worry about them anymore. What happens to car payments? What happens to industry? Your big industries are simply going to close down, because they can’t supply profit anymore, because nobody’s going to buy anymore. So it has to reach this rock bottom to be able to turn, and when it does turn, that’s when it becomes a suitable place for other countries to invest in. Same as in Germany, so they say, right, we’ll help you get back on track, but this is how it’s going to be, and they will lay down the rules and they will invest and we’ll get back on track with much greater knowledge of what we’ve done. The last few years have been totally screwed up by the government and whatever. Same as probably around the rest of the world, but we’ve seen that happen. We’re not going to let that happen again. So we’re going to get the right sort of people in government, and they will move in and they will do what we all believe is right. We are all going to work together. Now, you’ve got a whole mass of people, and you’ve got the bright people, and you’ve got the dumb people as well. So they’re all going to be democratic, they’re going to vote somebody in who they think is best. You’re going to get the same scenario again, where you get the richer people manipulating the markets to get their person in government, which will look after them. But they will understand, last time it was so corrupt, things went astray. If you keep it on the right track, that’s fine, because what we want is clever people opening up industries, trying to influence government, getting the right people in, to get the government to do the right things. Because governments aren’t normally business people, so the business people will work with the government to get them to do the right sort of thing, for the benefit of everybody.


And now you’re going to go from a level of being completely wiped out to suddenly getting two meals a day instead of one, and people think this is heaven. And you start to progress, and the limit, and you start to grow, the distance is going to be much better. Going from very poor to making a little bit of money, and it is at the moment where people are having a higher time, and there’s very little room for them to expand or to move, or for the majority anyway. So that’s going to create a much better atmosphere for the people. People will have a much better outlook, they’ll have more opportunity, they’ll be able to look into the future with more confidence, and they will start to build and create and structure their lives. Things will start off on a totally different level. People only then understand what state they got into with the last 10, 20, 30 years, or however long it might be.


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