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888 How Countries will change – India

Spirit: So that’s going to be quite something. Let’s have a look at India. Now, what can you tell me about India, what do you see in India? I know it’s a bit of a hard guess for you, but you might…


S: There’s so much poverty there, there’s so many people living in the slums.


Spirit: Mmmm. And are they good or bad people?


S: I would say good.


Spirit: Yes, they are good. So in India you’ve got two different types. You’ve got the very poor, who have been living poorly for generations, they don’t change, they don’t evolve too much. They are happy to live that particular life, they are evolving.

And then you’ve got the upper class, who are now evolving rapidly and their children are getting educated in Western universities and so on. So the vision is getting much bigger. You’re getting the very wealthy and you’re getting the very poor. But in this case it’s different because the very poor are quite used to being very poor.


S: So they’re content.


Spirit: In a way they’re content because they have not known any better.


S: Exactly.


Spirit: So therefore they don’t aspire to get a three-bedroom house and a Mercedes and so on, as the younger wealthy generation do.


S: Exactly, so in this case it’s the upper class that are going to be learning.


Spirit: Yes, quite right. And they will learn from the lower class. Now, there is a caste system in India. This caste system unfortunately will go on for a lot longer until people understand it more. They’ve simply been living with it for so long that the caste decides what level they should be operating at. So on the lower level you’re only suitable to be cleaners, dustbin, maids and so on.


Whereas on the upper level you’re fit to govern, to own businesses and so on. That’s the caste system they have and there are several castes and they’re just used to that system. That is going to change and that will change, it’s going to take a bit of time to change. But the start of that change is when the wealthy suddenly realise that their wealth is diminishing and they’re not so happy as they were and they try to keep more for themselves and stay apart from the people on the lower level.


So the lower-level people, the economic recession won’t challenge them too much because they’re very resourceful. They’ll find ways to get food. Food is their main thing. They’ve got the living accommodation and they’ve got food. They all work, they all do different things. But all they have to do is really generate food.


Now, in most other countries they’re relying on imports of food and so on, but in India they can actually grow their own.


S: That’s true.


Spirit: They’ve got a lot of land there to grow. Even though it’s very basic. Rice and fish.. So, that’s what will happen in India. It’s an interesting scenario that one.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, that’s pretty much covered all the main ones. There are a lot of smaller places. Smaller islands would be very interesting. Not much is going to be affected there because they are so isolated.


S: Yeah.

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