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892 An automated collector of mistakes

G: I have something here which is very unusual. I’m sure I’ve seen it before. You can imagine the shell of a tortoise. It’s sort of broken up into little squares or shapes. This is the same thing except it’s about 10-15 foot long. And it’s probably 6-7 foot high. And it’s made out of something living. It’s skin, fur, whatever. And it’s just sort of sitting here in the middle of the forest, basically. It seems to have four very stubby legs. No sort of separate head or tail. It’s like a giant woodlouse. But huge. Okay, I know what this is.

S: Is it a receptor of some sort.

G: A what?


S: A receptor of some sort?


G: Yes, more or less. It collects rubbish. Lol. 


S: ooooooohhhhh.


Spirit: So when mistakes are made, we don’t want the mistakes moving around and linking with one another. Now, it’s very selective because when people make mistakes, as you know how to learn, when there are mistakes made, you know they’re all linked together. Like attracts like. So one mistake will become a thought form and that will become other thought forms and so on. And it becomes huge. So if they become too much of a problem, they’re very simple. You can just white light them and they’ll disappear.


But this is like an automated process. What we want to do is keep the information out there as clean and tidy as possible. So when somebody comes up with a dramatic mistake, which you know is a bit pointless to have. Like they suddenly believe God’s got ten legs all around. It’s a total waste of time. So that sort of thought form, he’ll recognize it and say you don’t need that and just extract it. And the shape is just, it doesn’t store anything because it just sucks it in, white light it and it disappears.


G: So why it has this shape is, is a bit alien to me, but I’m sure they’re going to show me in a minute.


Spirit: Okay. It’s just the way Geoff, sees the shape. Because it doesn’t have any shape at all.


S: Yeah, do they have a shape or name? No.


Spirit: But I can’t describe something to you which is just energy. I have to give it a shape so that you’ll recognize the future because you live on a planet which has physical things.


S: But also because you said it was so tall, I’ve got it as that receptor. It’s definitely receiving something. And if you didn’t do that, I wouldn’t even have perceived it.


Spirit: That’s right. So we have to show you things that you’ll recognize and you can relate to. And so that’s why so many things change. And we go back to this, you know, the baby and the stork and so on. So, this is a receptor… This gets rid of the rubbish. Lol


S: A rubbish receptor. Lol.


Spirit: Very neat, yeah. Of course it’s automated as well.


S: Yes, yes. Shew.


Spirit: Yeah, that’s a very interesting one for you. Let’s see what else they have. Now, with the amount of information that you’re getting, what you’re learning on a daily basis. It’s going to be very time consuming or it’s going to be very difficult for you realizing how much that you have to teach other people.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: It can’t be just done in a short course. So it’s going to be a long, ongoing thing. You can’t, of course, jump straight to the end if you started telling people about this automatic mistake collector. They’re not really going to believe you. Lol.


S: Yes. lol. They’ll be saying, well, I won’t be going to see her again.


Spirit: Absolutely. And there’s lots, lots more that we have to teach you and you’re going to certainly pass on. What you’ll start teaching is on a much lower level and build it up etc. etc. And we’ll just send the right people to you, and so you make the connections and so you can actually teach.


S: Yes.


Spirit: But, there’s an awful lot to it. As you know, as we said yesterday, we’re just letting you see all the different possibilities and which way you’re going to go. And it’s important that you see those so that you can understand which way to go. And once you know which way to go, then it’s simply a matter of you will walk that path, literally, till the end of your days. Just carry on expanding which is beautiful for you. It’s something that you’ll really enjoy.

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