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895 Children’s energy through puberty

G: Okay, I think I have… It seems to somebody else doing the same sort of thing, she’s a very happy lady. And she’s come to tell us something a bit about children.

S: Aww.

G: Because you’ll be dealing with children in the future.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now this isn’t so much… It’s not seeing pain and suffering and so on, it’s just the opposite. It’s seeing much nicer things. Children have to be looked after and guided at a very young age. They’re molded, if you like, and it’s our job to take groups of children and allow them to all mingle and enjoy one another’s company and experience the different possibilities that children have without it getting out of hand.


So we would look after several groups of children, quite a few actually. It’s a few of us are doing this and we basically share all these different groups of children. We take turns in going to visit and what we see when we look down on a group of, let’s just say it’s a school classroom full of children, for example, we can see in one glance all the different characters and their feelings and their thoughts and their emotions and so on. We can see all of that at once. And what we look at is how it’s intermingling as a group, how it’s intermingling. We allow certain individuals to go over the top to get out of hand from both extremes, good and bad, just to show the others so that they can learn as well. But, in general, we keep the mood very stable and balanced. Balance is a much better word. Now, you can imagine what would happen if this were not the case and where you get all these individual characters, now especially at the age that your son is going through at the moment.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: Puberty where you’ve got all these huge emotions, these raging hormones. And you’ve got both male and female and they are changing rapidly. And it’s very easy to allow that to get out of hand and say the wrong things. They all make mistakes at that particular age, but if you get a group of them getting together and all thinking one way, it can cause a lot of problems. So, it’s a very simple task for us to do, and a very enjoyable task, being all women. Men don’t do this, funny enough,  it’s ideal for women to do. We understand emotions so much better than men do.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: It’s so much nicer to see the different groups growing up and progressing. We would go from one to the next and we’d share, the five of us and we’d work together, and we’d take it in turns going to a specific group and then we’d each give our opinions on each and watch how they develop and all of the beautiful things that are related. And when we needed to, we could put in the right amount of energy to change a situation, or diffuse a situation. What we try to build there is to create a happy, basic environment.


Now you know that in the beginning, children are very spiritual, they can contact us, they can see us all the time. But they don’t talk to their parents about that because half the time they don’t realize that they’re doing it. To them it’s just natural, it just happens.


S: Yeah, it’s natural.


Spirit: And then of course as time goes on we allow that to fade away, so they become more in the physical, human element.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So we like to mold them in that particular stage, so that when they start on there, that human growth, going through their teens and so on, that they are more balanced. Because it depends on that particular era, up until their mid-teens, is the foundation for how they all go through life, how they will view life. And this is where children can be abused, at an early age, at it affects them at a much later age. And there’s always so much of that going on, but it’s very simple for us to make these changes as a group, and keep things stable. It’s also very nice to do.


S: Yeah it’s lovely.


Spirit: And where you get, for instance, school trips, where you take children to a zoo, for example, we can ratchet up the energy of how they see animals and how they can love animals and interact with animals and so on, because that’s very important for them for the future. So we can make that a little bit better for them, so they have a better understanding, and feel the connection with the animals.


S: Awesome.


Spirit: So that’s for future times.


S: So awesome.


Spirit: That’s all for this evening.


S: I just have one comment. Our zoo trips are gone, it’s all Italy now. Lol. It’s a bit of a problem. Lol.


Spirit: lol. Yeah.


S: Just as a joke.


Spirit: Yeah. Everybody’s evolving in different ways. But we’ll always be there to look after them. There’ll be somebody else later on to tell you how we go through the birthing stage, motherhood and so on.


S: Oh awesome.


Spirit: You’ve been through it. But it’ll be interesting for you to see how we look after the mothers.


S: Yeah, yeah


Spirit: And how babies are actually, new souls are actually put into the mother. How they react. And so on.


S: Yes. That would be amazing.


Spirit: Now, I have worked with your mother, so I know her very well. She will certainly look after you.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: Once more, thank you for listening.


S: Thank you.


G: Now, somebody says that’s enough for one night.


S: Mmmm.


G: I was looking at the kids being born, and they showed me the first part, which was like a big colored ball of energy. Basically, new souls that are ready to get born. And they said, no, no, next time, that enough for one night. Enough for now.


So, that was two extremes. Stuff that we’re going to do. The nasty stuff and the good stuff. That’s good.   

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