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896 Aug 22 Different reactions to the change (Part 1)

G: Right, a country lane, straight away. And, like a drone, looking down on this country lane, driving down. I look to the right and the left, lots of green fields, forest going for miles. Very light mist and very comfortable. And it’s going towards the horizon, and this is another one of these horizon things. Now the horizon, in this case, looks like the turrets of a castle. So we’re going to get to the horizon, if we ever do, and it’s going to be like a dead end. It’s going to be like the Great Wall of China, that sort of thing. So, going down the road, it’s all very nice, very comfortable. Green fields, all that jazz, nature, and this big solid wall at the end.


And this is going to be part of the change, these are going to be the people that aren’t going to change – too set in their ways. End of story, they are not going to change, that’s it.


S: Mmmm.


G: So, what’s going to happen to those people? So, let’s go inside and have a look. As we go inside, they’ve got their own way of doing things. It’s very isolated, and they’re happy doing it their way. And although it’s not what we want, it’s they’re happy doing it their way, so let’s do it.


And we can’t say whether it’s good or bad, its just maybe it doesn’t suit us, but it doesn’t mean it’s good or bad for them.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So it isn’t good or bad, put it that way.


S: Yeah. That’s why we can’t say in anywhere we speak; we can’t say anything’s right or wrong or good or bad.


Spirit: Absolutely.


S: It’s just whatever you want to follow and believe is right for you.


Spirit: I think that we’ve covered quite well recently that all different religions go into heaven.


S: Yep.


G: Like today I was saying, if you believe it and it’s good for you, then it’s fine. That’s what you believe in,  that’s what you believe in. So, there’s nothing we can do about those. So, I’m going to continue through this wooded area inside where they are. And it’s very nice, very pleasant, it’s very overgrown, and all that means is they’re…


S: Content.


Spirit: Content, yeah. Very happy doing their own thing. And they also have a use, because as we’ve discussed many times, one extreme, the other extreme, and the middle. So, they’re there for a specific reason. So, there for us to see the difference.


S: Yeah, absolutely.


G: Okay, that’s very good. So, let’s leave those isolated in that particular pocket, and then we will just look elsewhere. The next thing on the horizon is, okay, I’ve gone over that pocket of people, into the sea, or I’m going across the ocean, and now on the horizon is cream-colored clouds and blue sky. And this is very much like the old biblical days, when they do paintings of gods and all that jazz, and a sunbeam coming down, and it’s that particular colour, that design. Cream colour instead of white, and light blue. He says yes, that is quite right.


Okay, so, as we get there… Hmm… Now, that’s changed completely, but the bottom of these clouds, where it should meet the ocean, is now a freeway of cars coming towards me. Okay, what that means is, the people who have these original beliefs, who believe the old-fashioned things that are set in the Bible, etcetera, the Ten Commandments, the Bible itself, etcetera, they’re going to change, they’re going to understand, and they will realise that there is a big difference in teaching this way and understanding this way, and evolving, and so on. So they’re going to come on board, so that’s why that means they’re all coming towards us, which is great.


S: Yeah.


G: And now I will look to the left, and I have a bright yellow. On the horizon, same sort of thing, same scenario, but we know that bright yellow is communication with spirit. So, what does that mean? I go closer… And now that changes into, I’ve got the yellow up above. And down below I’ve got forests of very thin trees, there’s no leaves on them, they’re very barren, it’s like winter. They’ve all shed their leaves, but the trees are very thin, it’s like a cross between trees and bushes. There’s nothing heavy there, nothing solid, no, nothing that you can really grab hold of, you can tear all these trees down with your hands.


S: There’s no solid foundation.


G: Correct


S: It’s those seeking?


G: It’s close to that, it’s not quite. Okay, it’s the extreme religions, where the people, like born again Christians is a very good example. They believe in this that and the other, but they’ve done it their own way. Okay, and then what they will realize is that their religion doesn’t have any substance, so therefore it becomes very weak. And therefore they will join into our side of it, which is excellent.


Now, looking ahead, there’s a wide road, it’s very white, going right from above me, right up to the horizon is white. And there’s a couple of people, a bit like knights on horseback, farther ahead, and they’re going in that direction. And that sort of signifies that they are the future pioneers, the gods, the guys that go forward and take people into the right direction. So we have a mass of people behind us, I’m not talking about you and me, I’m talking about the world has a mass of people behind us, who are all going in this right direction. So we’re going to be led in the right direction by a couple of people. And those two people, again, you’ve got the good and the bad, leading us in the right direction. And again, it’s for exactly the same reason, so that we can understand both sides of the coin and decide what’s right for us. That’s excellent.


S: Yeah.


G: Now, as we go over the hill, this is all now white, as it goes down the other side, then it turns into golden. And you’ve got fields on either side of this country road, and they’re full of harvest of wheat and so on, which is golden, and blue skies above, and birds, and comfort, happiness, security, tranquility, reached the correct level. Everything is growing as it should be. It’s sort of the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal that’s on it way there.


S: Yeah.


G: A really nice scenario. And I carry on going down this road, and now we’ve got forests on the right and forests on the left, and they’re all big and nice and green and comfortable, and the background is bright green hills. And going forward and looking into the distance. I’m looking for a long way into the distance. And they’re saying, you needn’t go any further. That’s all there is to it. You’ve seen all you’re going to need in your lifetime. And that’s basically an overview of what’s going to happen.


S: Yeah.


G: Well, I didn’t expect that.


S: That’s beautiful.


G: Yeah. So, we’ve got a huge following behind us. All the people moving in the right direction. So that’s how they’re going to change from their current religions and positions over to us. Now, what else do we have? Okay, we’ve got some burnt areas on the right-hand side in the distance. And these are simply failures, where people started a particular religion or whatever, a way of living, and it hasn’t particularly worked, and it’s just sort of been cancelled out. Or some things that have proved to be wrong, so they’re just in the distance, they’re not a problem. Majority is fine. All going in the right direction.

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