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904 Civilizations and evolving – India

Then you get a totally different place like India. You have got the whole same variety Of different religions and understandings of life and so on, The same as America. Not quite the same as America because a lot of the States religions in India are very rigid. They worship specific Gods,  and they will maybe go through their life just worshipping those Gods and they are given that level of deity, that level of living and they don’t change,  and they don’t change because they don’t think they can change. They are born into that cast and they will go through their life with that cast and that is it, just as their parents did. So there are no ways that they would like to change. The odd few will, the majority won’t. So again you have got a country which should have the abilities to evolve quite rapidly and the majority don’t. The ones that do can open up to all sorts of things but then you need the majority to approve the changes for them to evolve. So what you are going to end up with in India, is again the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the same as in other countries. And what they need to do is address this and get a more equitable balance.


S: Yes, there are such extremes there.

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