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905 Civilizations and evolving – Middle east

Absolutely. Now we are going to look at some tribal people in the Middle East. Similar to the Taliban, Afghanistan people and so on. How they have evolved. The area they live in is a very harsh environment. Up in the mountains it is extremely cold in the winter and down in the desert is it very hot in the summer.  There is not a lot of vegetation and only in certain areas. The nature itself is very harsh because the way the people are evolving. Now you know how nature looks after the people with the changing of the energies And it gets rid of negative and positive energies so on. So where you get a very difficult race of people or a difficult  Society, Nature becomes very difficult as well, and  vice versa. So you could say that in a desolate area your nomadic people that live there will have a very harsh lifestyle. Now again, they won’t develop too much, they will understand that lifestyle, they are born into that lifestyle and they will die in that lifestyle. That is as much as they know, but they don’t know any different so they are content to live in that particular lifestyle. But again you get no evolvement. So evolvement you think, is only really created when somebody wants something else ,They want to change things and quite often evolvement will change into wars.


S: Yes and it is funny because you hear of people that live their lives and you grow through your life and then you evolve and you go into the next world or whatever and not everybody is learning . It’s about learning here. It’s not about living your life and then going over there and getting your exam results when you get there.


Very true.


S: It’s not portrayed enough.


No and the reason for that is that when people get into understanding life, if you think of what you did in the beginning, We had to show you a very basic understanding and then as you have developed you have been able to see more and we have shown you more and you have learnt more. And even if you think of what you have learnt in the last 12 months, it has been a huge difference as to what you assumed.


S: Absolutely


And if you take a very simple thing like when you cross over as a Muslim or as a Christian or whatever, you are greeted by somebody of the same religion. You have never seen this, you just assumed it was heaven.

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