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921 How Spirit can adjust your direction when needed

 Ok so let’s get back to earth and as we come down, I’ve come down into a place like Iceland, or somewhere there is a huge snow, a volcano, trees at the bottom of it. And then just snow, for as far as you can see. So this is some form of access point in Greenland, North Pole, wherever it might be. And the volcano covered in snow simply energy waiting to be used, I presume. But let’s not presume, let’s see, so I’ll just go down to the area, sense. Ok this is an area that they use for automation. Where you get a person who needs to change, needs to start thinking the right way, but is not changing fast enough, or…. No that’s not quite right. Where they need to change and they are quite advanced in their life and their way of thinking. and they started a life on Earth again and they are going through it. They have been led astray horribly. Spirit: Now they don’t need to come back here and start again, so what we do, and again that is symbolic, we will simply Clean out their minds. So we take them to an area like this, Where their minds are completely wiped out, if you like, of all the wrong doings that they have done and then put back with all the positive thoughts. They will stay in the same area with the same family and so on, but suddenly all their thoughts will change and the negative thoughts will disappear, and this is simply because they do not need them anymore now. It’s a bit like you, for example, Sharon, in your next life going through that and you are led off the rails and for example you go into heroin. It’s simply a matter of you don’t need to learn that lesson again, (you learnt in a past life). So, we just cleanse your mind and let you carry on to do all the good, that you are good at doing. So, this is really a symbolic area and that’s why you’ve got this snow volcano and its huge. So it’s just a nice cleansing space. Now you will feel if you can walk through there right now, how cleansing it can be. it’s very nice, very comfortable. S: I kind of want to stay there. It’s very good for you to connect. When you do meditation on your own, next time you take “E” there, and allow “E” to show you the different colours and energies That can be created there when you start with a blank canvas. You’ll be surprised, lots of different colours you have never seen before and beautiful. S: Stunning. It’s very difficult to describe a colour when you haven’t seen it before.

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