Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

931 – Feeling one-ness.

I’d like you to experience something that will help you to see it. As you know everything is one, I want you to experience one-ness. Now, everything is one but it has to have parameters, it has to have a limit. You can’t look at something now and it encompasses the whole world and various other planets, that’s way too much. So being all one, would encompass just the area around you at this stage. If you are discussing just the vegetation outside looking over your balcony, etc. that’s all it would encompass. But if you were discussing maybe friends overseas, it would encompass them as well. The one-ness is basically what you are thinking about at the time. And it encompasses all of that.


S: The connectedness


Yes, everything is connected. So what I want you to do right now is to feel this connection and we will give you a little bit more energy for you to do that. I want you to feel the one-ness of just Tinley Manor. So it would be the main road at the back where the houses are, down to the beach and maybe from one end to the other, just that whole area. The sea of course is huge, we don’t want that involved, I just want you to experience the one-ness of this particular area. And how you should get it is suddenly in like a flash, an understanding, where you sense everything at once.


S: Yes. Like a big bulk boom.


Yes, so I’m just going to leave you with that for a few minutes and I will just keep sending you…, and hopefully it will happen several times. Just relax, take your time, feel it. Let them into you, and fade away, come into you, fade away and so on. So just try that for a while.

The one-ness you would normally start with would be all the houses and properties and the roads and so on. Now take in all the grasses, the greenery, the shrubs, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the air, the energy, the road, the beach, all the bits and pieces that are in one. And the whole thing will just expand, the colours will change. And you will be able to sense the whole thing in one.

Now I want you to expand it a little bit, expand it right down to the lagoon. Now that’s pretty simple because you are going over some areas where there’s no houses, just nature, sand, beach, water; expand it right down there. And on the right-hand side you’ve expanded all the way up to the ski boat club, although you’ve never been there, you know, you just feel there. And you feel it all at one, all in one. And now expand it inwards towards the freeway And as you do that you will get to see as well, the damaged area where the floods were, the bridge, the fields in between, the roads, the road that was repaired, all those bits and pieces, all included with Tinley Manor and while you are there you might as well extend it all the way to the other side of Palm Lakes, so you get this whole in one and what you envisage, what you see is just one huge feeling, one feeling of the whole thing. And then I want you to just bring that backwards, leave out palm lakes, bring it back to the freeway and bring it back to the lagoon, then the ski boat club, and to Tinley Manor and then eventually just bring it back to this house and the surrounding gardens.


I know this is your area of expertise Sharon. And you can do that exercise many times, especially in the morning. And E will help you and you will just see more and more.


It’s an enjoyable thing to do.


S: mm, very much.

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