Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

935  –  Your technology is now (Sept 22) able to create 100% fake everything

The world of course is changing dramatically, very fast, and you won’t see a lot of change. You will see a lot of exaggerated stories which people now accepting as being exaggerated. That’s pretty much the norm. But the opposite now is going to happen. When somebody prints a genuine story, people are going to consider it being exaggerated. And that is part of the learning curve for everybody. If people exaggerate themselves, they will assume that the people they are talking to will also exaggerate. So that’s how that scenario is created. So what’s going to be happening over the next few months is nobody is really going to know who to believe. Until they see for themselves, the actual… what’s been happening. Now also, one of the things which your technology can do these days is to create any scene, and I mean any scene they want with any person. They can recreate those people, digitally, to do virtually anything. So what you are able to see, or what you can be seeing on your television channels, is something which could be 100% fake. And you simply don’t know.


S: That is crazy.


Yes. So that will bring people back to working together in groups, to lose their faith in technology and so on; or to have it confirmed. They are not too happy with it at the moment. And that will also make huge changes in the way people think and what they will want is to, .. they will want to get honesty back, straightforwardness back again. So that’s what they want is to get that back. It’ll create that desire to get it back and that’s what will help enable it to  happen. Don’t forget everything is free will, so it’s a matter of understanding and we just prod people in the right direction, to get these events done. 

There is nothing more from me here. So I will say thank you and goodnight and will just see if anybody else would like to come through with any messages


S: Thank you and goodnight.

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