Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

941 – Ship sinks and 1 000 Souls cross over

Guide: Now, I’ve never seen a group of people under the ocean, waiting to help others. During the war there was an awful lot of deaths. A lot of work for us to do. When these troop ships were taken and going down, and some of the warships would go down with a thousand people on board. A thousand souls at once. And of course to process a thousand… processes is really the wrong word, but timing. To sort out a thousand people is not a problem. We can handle that quite easily. Because there’s so many of us on this side. It’s a very sad thing to do, but bringing them over, it changes of course from sadness to happiness when they get to this side. But it still creates an awful lot of sadness for the people that they leave behind.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And how they feel. Now, you’ve got the same group energy when they come over. So let’s say for example a thousand people in a warship get wiped out at once. They all come over at once. And they have group energy. Of sadness of losing all their family. Losing their shipmates as well as their family from home. Because the camaraderie on a boat is….


S: Yeah… huge, I know.


Spirit: Huge, yes, you’ve experienced that. So imagine if you all died at once. It’s the same with the miners. Where they helped each other etc. So when you’ve got all your shipmates all drowning at once, they all come over. And there’s two things. First of all when they come over, they’re still in the mode of trying to help each other, save each other, look after each other and so on. And they’ve got all the grief as well with their relatives at home, which they know are going to be told of their deaths at some time. So they’ve got a lot of sadness, but when they come over, it takes just a little while for that all to change. So they understand that there is life after death because most of them are together. They understand that they’re still alive, if you like, on the other side.


And they go through a healing process which takes quite a while in your time. A few, several weeks can be a couple of months too, for them to adjust. It’s a huge emotional adjustment when they come over. It’s a huge adjustment to the mind. So people who don’t understand that there is life after death, they come over here and their mind is thinking, jeez, what is going on? How can I absorb all this information? And it’s just so alien to them. And it takes a while for them to adjust. It’s a real shock to the system. And especially in the beginning, we can’t sort of show ourselves appearing and disappearing and talking telepathically and so on.


So we have to talk to them on a verbal level. We have to create more or less a scenario from where they were. If you take sailors for example, they’ve all just drowned. So we take them to a naval base or a naval establishment. Where they can all work together, talk to each other, and we start to give them information telepathically so they understand. It takes a while for them to understand the whole thing. And they start talking to one another and slowly they realise and then we introduce a little bit more and a bit more. And then the happiness comes out. And they realise that they are alive and there is more to life than there is to death and so on. And then of course we’ve got the problem of dealing with the emotions back home, where all of their families have been told of their deaths and so on. And handling that grief because that again is a shock to the system.

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