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942 Crossing over as a group

Where you’ve got somebody who is slowly dying, as you’ve experienced, you can brace yourself for it and prepare yourself. But where is somebody at war and suddenly they’re killed? And you’ve seen these movies where they get a telegram or somebody comes to their door saying they’ve got a telegram and you know it’s your spouse.


S: And it’s not just them, it’s a multitude of people which builds up their energy.


Spirit: Yes, quite right. So it’s an awful lot, to deal with that. In modern times, in the Civil War there was an awful lot of that. It was an ongoing negative energy that was created throughout the war. But where you get today, let’s say a ship sinks or an airline crash into the sea, it’s a much swifter process and it’s a much more comfortable process. For instance, a plane crashes into the sea and they’re instantly killed, physically on this earth. And suddenly they’re on our side and they’re all together as a group. Now, all that happens is they’re all together as a group because they died as a group. And then they start to move off when they’re getting comfortable with one another. They can start to move off and learn more on their own. And then when they understand a bit more about life after death and so on, then they start looking into their own lives. And then we can start reintegrating them into their higher selves and wherever they’re supposed to be.

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