Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

946 Passing over, and arriving on the other side (Advanced)

Spirit: Now, when you first cross over, you go into this white light. There’s a lot of stages you can go to and it depends on your development which stage you go to start with. When you first cross over onto our side, you get this comfortable white light. The average person, anyway. And that sort of  neutralizes everything. It calms you down. It gets you comfortable. So that we can help you move to the next step. So it’s a very calming, cleansing energy.

And then depending on the experience you’ve had and what you expect to see. And as we were saying the other day with all the religions, they expect to see different things according to their religion. And even when they have a religion where they don’t believe in the afterlife, they still have to deal with it in the manner of their religion.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So there’s lots of information, lots of different ways of them coming over. And then of course they sort them out, they move on to the good life and so on. When you get into a little bit further, you go through all the recognition of the things that you can and cannot do. Where you suddenly decide to change your clothes, change your age, change whatever? Thought is creation. And you go through all of that and have a fun time.


S: Yes


Spirit: Because you’ve suddenly got this new ability and you’ve got all these people to talk to. Don’t forget, you end up being, you know, as we were talking, colours, energy and so on. But in the beginning, you simply recreate what you would like. You want to see a nice sunset, you want to live in a nice house, have a car or whatever. You can create all of these things and as you create each one, you realise you don’t really need them. So it’s a learning curve all the time.


And then you integrate with other people and then you start to realise you can talk to lots of other people. And it’s very easy to communicate with other people and there are no negative people there. And then you start to question, well what about this, what about that? And immediately there’s somebody there to help you do that because everybody helps each other. So this level we’re talking about, everybody is helping everybody else adjust to that new form of life. And it’s quite an adjustment because you also need to learn how to create. Thought is creation. So you create something, whatever it might be, let’s just say it’s a chair because you want to sit. Not that you need to, but. So to create a chair, but you create a basic chair because you’ve never made one before. So it doesn’t have firm edges, the right colours, the right shape and so on. So you need to learn all of these things. And maybe you want a house to start with, but you don’t know how to build a proper house.


So, then you play around with things that you’re good at, for instance, Geoff would do golf. And it’s very simple, you know how to play golf. Everything is a hole in one. So then you realise you don’t need hole in ones anymore.


S: Exactly.


Spirit: And then you try all the different things, your energies for example. You’d be playing around with all the different energies that you were using when you first passed over. And you would see exactly how they worked; everything would be clarified. So then you go through that for a while and then you get to meet up with all your friends, family, etc. Immediate family are there straight away. But then you start to meet up with all the people that have crossed over that you’ve known in your lifetime. It may be someone you met when you were five years old. And you would see them as you last saw them as a five-year-old. And so you’re talking to all these people who died in different ages since you last saw them. You recognise them as you last saw them. So imagine you die at the age of 80 and you remember a five-year-old child. You’d be talking to that same five-year-old child that you knew when you were five. And then it starts to adjust and then they start to age and then you start to understand.


S: Then you see them as a soul.


Spirit; Yeah. And then you see all the other people and you immediately start to change their ages to be what matches yours. And then you think, I would you like to be 21 again or 35 or whatever it is? Or I’d like to be in my prime. So you change your body to the prime, what you would like it to be. And everybody else that you know does exactly the same thing. So now you’ve got a totally different dimension where you’re all absolutely perfect. Then you get to realise that, what do we do now?


And then you get to the emotional stage when you’re talking to people. Because everybody around is now trying to help you, help you adjust. And they’re all very loving and giving and helpful and so on and you learn all these different things. Suddenly you realise that you’re not talking verbally anymore. You’re simply communicating with these people. And then you start to remember all these other people in your life. You start to communicate with all of them. And then you find out about them because you want to be giving as well. So you’re basically asking them, their experience, what did they do and so on and so on. And so you go through this for, maybe for a long time. Until you do all of this adjusting.


And then your guides or your teachers will basically say, in a roundabout way, what would you like to do now? And you think, wow, what do I do? There’s so much to do, so much to learn and so on. And that gets you back on the track of learning. So you start to think, what do I do? And then they say, well, first of all I’ll introduce you to your higher self. Your higher self has already been through this a hundred times. And then, if you like, I’ll introduce you to your higher self. And then you can check out your past lives with your higher self. So suddenly you’re going into past lives where you also met lots of people. And also had conversations with them at different ages from five to eighty. Over maybe a hundred lives.


So now you’ve got all of these people. So you become part of your higher self. And suddenly you’ve got people that you met in a hundred different lives, each one for eighty years as an example. And they’re in their thousands. And they’ve all developed different ways at different ages. And then you realize that they’re not actually, you don’t have to think of them as people anymore. You don’t think of their face, smiling, ages.


Then it becomes color and thought. And then you see people..


S: As energy.


Spirit: As energy, yes.  So you think of somebody, you think right now of the Pope. What you thought of is not a picture of his face. You thought of the image, the energy that the Pope creates. So then you get to recognize people that way. And then your whole thinking starts to change.


And then you get to a stage where, should I have another life? If I’m going to have another life, what do I want to do? You look around and there’s all these different planets, all these different life forms. And you say, what do I need to experience? And then you have a look at your own experience and you can say, well, I haven’t experienced whatever it is. And that’s just mind-blowing. It’s so huge. And then you look at what you want to experience. And then you say, well, maybe I shouldn’t just have one life on Earth.  Maybe I should have several lives on Earth. I can change into lots of dimensions because it’s really a creation. Once you have the basis of what happens on Earth, you can have different dimensions. That’s a possibility. But then you’ve got all these different planets. So I don’t want to just learn what it’s like to see my soulmate. I want to see what it’s like to see my soulmate on a hundred different planets, in a hundred different dimensions. So I can get an overall picture, a complete understanding of what that means. Every conceivable possibility of what that means. That’s what I want to do.


S: Perk yourself up. Lol.


Spirit: Now, again, we’re showing you more and more to give you this huge understanding.


S: Yeah, I know, I love it.


Spirit: That’s just a little bit of what it’s like on Earth.


S: And do we, I know we have soul groups. Where we kind of stick together. It’s obviously the common thing. So we have familiarity or agreement.


Spirit: Yes, we explained it to you, …. again, it’s like the stork and the baby situation. We explained to you that you have your little community upstairs. And what you’ve been led to believe is that you can go into a  little village or a hall and you can see other people looking like humans like you, which you communicate with, connect with, etc. That’s the way we had to show it to you then. Because you didn’t understand that we were all energy colours and so on. So we had to show you that way. That was the stage where you were developing.


Where you get to the next stage up, where you are simply colours and energy, etc. What you get is a much stronger form of love. There is no negativity as such. Now, remember we were saying that you cannot evolve when you’ve got just pure love, etc. To be in that space of being pure love is absolutely divine. You can be in that space for a long time and you can learn different things in that space. Different colours, different sounds, different emotions. And you can look at different things.


The way you’re thinking is, will you meet your mother over the other side when you go back, etc. I’ll give you that example first of all. When you cross over Sharon, your mother will be there exactly the same as you left her, as you last saw her. And you’ll have this wondrous connection, this hug, this remembrance and so on. And she will show you all sorts of things and you will become an excited puppy. And she’ll show you around as she looks to you and you look to her.  And then the both of you will go through the changes as we’ve just discussed just now. And get back up to both of you being pure energy. And what you will have then is basically a far greater, stronger form of love without the physical attributes or reasons, etc. But believe me, it is much stronger. And I’ll try to give you an example. If you think now of when you’re holding Aiden when he was born or your puppies especially when you pick them up and you love them. You’ve got this tremendous love you can feel inside of you going towards them. So imagine that…


S: Multiplied, lol.


Spirit: Multiplied a thousand times, yeah. What you’re doing there is you’re not seeing a person; you’re feeling the love that’s being generated. It’s the same sort of thing. So what you’ll have with your mother is a tremendous amount of love but then you will see that there are others there…


S: with the same love.


Spirit: with the same love, yes. So in this particular life you’ll go back ..


S: that answers my question. Yes.


Spirit: Yes. But imagine having hundreds of souls like your mother. . Imagine all being together in one room.


S: Yes. yes.


Spirit: Lol. Absolutely staggering. You can’t imagine it. You can imagine it so far but there’s no way you can imagine it until you experience something like that. That is just absolutely beautiful. And so you progress up the ladder from there. So I think that is enough for one night, the voice (Geoff’s) is breaking down again.


S: You think, lol.


Spirit: Lol. Okay, I’ll just see if there’s anything else they would like. No. Let that sink in. Again we’re sending you so much information. And as we’ve said before, too much for you to remember but that’s ok, the information is in there. So, we will come and chat again and give you some more information. And on that note I have to say…


S: Good night. Lol.


G: And we get a wave from him. Just seen Mom doing a few (kisses) 

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