Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

982 Geoff is shown too much of the new energy/love

G: Right I have somebody here, it’s very strong. He’s just getting right inside. Every piece of me is wide awake, alive. What they are showing me is what this new generation will experience.


S: Ok.


First of all this very heavy spirit came into me, took over every part of my body. The whole thing was just humming. And he showed me looking at people, especially animals and trees and plants, everything together. And everything a multitude of colours. And it was a bit too much for me to handle. You know when you can really love something?


S: Yes.


And you get this understanding. It was a bit like that, I suddenly saw what they are doing, what they are planning and it’s like wow. It’s so much bigger, better than I could, we could imagine.


S: Than we can fathom here now.


Yes. Quite right.


S: Because of all the energies here.


Yes. And that’s why they pulled back. It was “just a little bit”.  And if a little bit can affect you imagine what a lot of it is going to do. So now I have a much better understanding of this new scenario and how eventually it was going to turn out.


S: yes.


Wow. That was quite something Shan. I don’t know if you saw or felt anything.


S: I could feel the energy but didn’t see.


Mmm. Quite something. Okay, now let’s leave that and see if there’s anything else.

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