Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

993 Underground entities live without emotion

G: There’s a lot of people around. It feels like we have a visitor. Nice. I have a group of people around me. It doesn’t seem to be an individual to talk at the moment, there is  some barrier. So, let me try and describe them. The face is two huge eyes,  their overall structure looks a bit like a cross between a bat and a dragon, mmm not a good description. Okay, the head is two enormous red eyes, very slim cheeks coming down to a sort of snout. The body is a bit like an armadillo, there you go. Scaly,  front legs, back legs, long tail. Right, that’s becoming clearer.

This is very similar to an alien we had many years ago called Tag, who lived underground.


S: Oh yes.


You remember Tag. It seems to be his group or very similar. Okay, I’ve sort of gone into them and gone back into their area. Into a sort of a cave where they have become more comfortable. Okay, now, what is so special about these people is their form of communication. They live beneath the Earth. Their communication is sent through crystals. In the caves where they live,  in the Burrows and so on, there is Crystal everywhere. And Crystal takes their thoughts and the thoughts can be picked up by anybody who tunes in. How it works, is their thought goes into the Crystal, and somebody miles away, for example might think ‘what so and so, or what is happening on this Earth, or whatever’. And they will instantly, from the crystal, get that answer.  They don’t have a single brain like we do. The brain is in the crystal, they have receptors in their head. And these are something to do with their eyes. The big eyes are very red. So they have receptors in their head. The brain is the crystal and the receptors simply pick up the information. So, I’m getting to understand this. What’s missing is emotion, love, it’s all very…. Mechanical…


S: Clinical


Yes, clinical. And yet this being looking at me, has a lot of love in him.


S: Because, no matter what we are choosing, we are still that light of love. Although we might not have emotion. An energy being is pure love. Is that not true?

Although we might not have emotion to feel, your beingness is one of pure love, peace, joy and gratitude. You don’t go up there to cause drama.


No. I’m just… you are right in a way. There’s a bit more. I’m going to go into the crystal. And as I go in the crystal, I can feel this clinical information just going backwards and forwards and you pick up bits and pieces, it’s there. But there is no group of beings there. Now I am going to go down and go back to this  individual, to this one guy here. I’m just going to put my arms around him and communicate some form of love and so on. And he understands that. For some reason, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, he has got emotion. Each individual has emotions, but they don’t have emotion between them. How weird is that. Why would that be?


S: They haven’t eliminated emotion as such, but they haven’t got it between them, in order to choose not to have negativity in relationships, as such.


Yes, it’s a form of security. I’ve gone down to the bottom of this nest, or group of caves, whatever. And all the information, the mainframe, if you like, is down there where all the information is kept. All the memories are kept down there. The information goes backwards and forwards, in amongst all the crystals. The reason they haven’t introduced emotion, is because they don’t want to have any drama.


S: Disruption.


Yes. Disruption, fights, effects, problems. So it’s a security for the whole community.


S: Yes.


Now, obviously they would want.. It’s not our place to change it. They will, I would think, they will eventually evolve and change. And he is sort of wandering away and he is saying, “I just needed that”. Not the love. To understand. He could understand what we have been saying and yet there is no crystal involved. Ok, so they are not attached to the outside worlds at all. Everything, their life, is that particular burrow and that crystal. Wow.


Okay, now that he has made a bit of a connection and understood a bit more, maybe he will move on, to create an emotion, or evolving, or whatever. The guides are saying it’s only for us to look at, we mustn’t get involved. They must grow and evolve themselves.


S: It’s for them to see and then choose.


Yes. But what we can do, is just leave some love there, at the entrance. So when they do decide to sort of communicate with the outside world, that is the first thing they will come across. That is so weird, but that is only our perception of it being weird.


S: Yes. Because of our experience and an and. Same thing.


Shame, he just wants to be loved. They don’t eat, they get their energy from the crystals.

So what do they do all day?


They say it’s not important. Not the important part of the exercise. We are not here for that.


(I felt such a love for that character. It’s like he just wanted to feel that. Never had it before. Maybe that’s the beginning)


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