Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

9th March 2022  Chat to new Alien groups

9th March 2022  In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) chat to new Alien groups, and discuss Divas and other Groups.

G: Before we start talking about Divas. I’ve got our little red person here. The one from last night, covered in gold. He is showing me around where they live. It’s like hundreds of little soldiers, like little samurais, tiny little uniforms. All running around shoulder to shoulder next to each other. That is his little army. They live in a palace all filled with gold and precious things. That is how they have developed. Now, what we see as gold being an expensive commodity, they see it as a pretty colour, so it has a different meaning to them. So, they like to have all these nice, bright, shiny things around them and that is what they want. And they all work together, as a group. And that is simply how that species/society has developed. They are just trying to show us that there are thousands of different ways of doing it. What he does, is similar to divas, in a way, where he is like the head man, but he doesn’t get elected, like we do here. They all send him energy and he does whatever is necessary. He controls things. Everybody lives happily. There is no money in this society. They just make lots of pretty things and like to live in and amongst pretty things. Palaces.

As I go down to his level, I get smaller and smaller. He just says that size is relative. We look at him as being quite small, because in our world, he would be small. But in his world, he is normal. So this is just another way of how different societies develop. And because God made everything, there are all these different societies developing; and above those societies, are spiritual beings, who have also reached a stage where they are past the mental level, where they are able to look after a society which is growing. So, you get the main spirit, looking after the society and he has his lower spirits; so there is still a management structure. Like a pyramid shape, going down to these little people. Because we have to experience everything, really. If you could see the overall picture, where you and I are today, going up to God, it’s a pyramid. And as we get more and more experienced, we move up the pyramid, till we literally reach God’s level.    

Now, once you are at God’s level, and you do that for as long as you need, when you can’t go any further, you will naturally basically start again. That is why there is no beginning and no end.

To get there would take millions of lives. But all these lives have to end. If you think the earth has been around for 8 billion years. Maybe some have made it to the top. So, what we know of this earth is only that ‘our’ earth started to develop around a billion years ago, ish. So, for the first 7 billion it was all just the planet itself starting to develop and then the creatures came out from the sea, and so on. So, it’s taken billions of years to develop. So, on all these other planets, and I know one of the figures is there is 400 billion suns and 400 billion galaxies that we know of. Obviously there is a lot more than that. And that is just what we know in this dimension. So, the possibilities of what are out there, are absolutely too unbelievable and big for us to imagine. So, when we see our religions here, the whole variety of religions, and how they are developing, it is on a similar scale. They all have to develop different ways, and societies and different planets develop in different ways as well.

G: In one of the meditations years ago, I was teaching a group of long necked people on another planet somewhere. I was taken there in astral, it wasn’t me in this physical body, or my astral body, it was my spiritual body that was teaching them, on a different level on a different planet. I went up there, I saw where I lived, where our family group was, how it operated, and how there were all these different levels of me, up there. Which work in different places, in different ways, in different things. So, it is not a matter of one life at a time. You can have many lives at the same time. Then you go back up, and each one brings in more information. So that the main spirit, which always stays there, develops more and more knowledge. And can therefor teach more, and decide what more needs to be learnt, and how it can help people in different planets, dimensions, and so on.

S: It’s all connected.

They are talking about beauty now. They see all this gold, silver and diamond as beauty. But then you look at the faces of the people, and they don’t look like us at all. He has many folds of flesh by his chin and his face, but the normal two eyes, one mouth. To us, it would look ugly, but to them, in their society, it looks normal.

Then you get things like insects and spiders that we see as being ugly, but in their world, they are not. They are normal.

Little red friends says and waves goodbye. Then behind him are several taller little people, they seem to have golden hats on. A hat that goes from the ears up in a cone shape, very tall. These cones collect knowledge. The knowledge that is generated by this little red man, and all his men that he is connected to, that knowledge gets transferred into these cone shapes hats of his ‘upper people’. And they store that knowledge and they live on, they never die, they just carry on. That is how they gain, and influence the next person who becomes the little red man’s position. So that he can start with more knowledge, more experience and then evolve. So, that is how they do it on a much smaller level.

He is laughing now, showing me something that looks like a cross between a long-haired dog and a dust bunny. There’s loads of them in the back ground and they all shuffling forward now. So amusing. What these do is they trap negative thoughts. So, when a nasty thing happens, the thoughts go into these and they collect these negative thoughts and they have opposite to the guys with the cone shape hats. Because we know, you have to see two extremes, so the cone shapes people can see the two extremes, and it therefor makes it easier for them to make a decision. So, no mistake is seen as a mistake, it is seen as a lesson. It’s a bit more complicated than here, we see things as a negativity, a bad thing, where they see the same things as being a simple learning curve. And the more they can see on both sides, the more they are capable of making better decisions. What we see, is not what they see. They see them as cuddly. We perceive them as ugly.

Now he is showing me like a manta ray with a huge mouth. They are filters of some sort. They seem to be on the outside. He is laughing at this too. They are energy filters. So, in this society where they live, because it’s a group energy, you get good energy, bad energy, good days and bad days, moods and so on. But what happens is these manta rays live in this pool of water, so the same as we have nature filtering energy down here, these manta rays filter the energy up there, and it’s constant. He is laughing because he is comparing it to how we see it.

He says there is no way you can write about this and post it. Lol.

I’ve asked him where he is.

He says he doesn’t know, because he doesn’t know where we are.

You can connect up to all of these different people, but they are kept separate for a reason. So that they can develop separately etc. But if I say I am from planet earth, he wouldn’t know what it was. He would have to get it mentally, in the Universe. But he says that is not necessary, what is important and necessary is to be able to communicate like this and we can learn from each other, and experience different things.

He says this is all your granny’s (Verna’s) sense of humour. He is hosing himself.

He says there is more but he is going now.  


Divas are created through energy. Thought is creation and what the diva’s do, is they go out and work as a group, and they look after nature. They do all the filtering of energy and looking after the plants, and everything with nature from A to Z. It’s like one huge group, with many memories in it. It’s a bit like your brain, you create new brain cells and the odd ones die all the time. That has to keep on going. And these nature spirits are basically formed through energy. Thought being creation, they are one huge group, so as they need more, they simply produce more, it’s simple. And as some get old or tired, they simply fade away. So, this whole group stays constant, it changes with disasters on the planet, and the opposite, good times on the planet. So, it will expand and contract, but it will always have the same knowledge inside it. I can see this encompassing the whole planet. And in some areas its ice and snow, in other areas, it’s hot and desert, and there are jungles, rain, monsoons, all sorts of things. And in each area, the group in that area, which are linked to all the other groups, have more knowledge of what is needed in that particular area. The same as our brain, which has different sections in it, which operate different parts of our bodies. It works the same way, so it’s just a constant creation, which looks after the planet.

S: so they have specialists in each area.

Yes, they have to, and they also have to learn and grow and adapt, because as you get plants which become extinct, due to too much rain or drought or whatever, new plants grow and these plants will have a new DNA, as such. So the plants change and adapt to the changing weather conditions.

Now you look at these huge old trees. They are basically memory rods, for the nature spirits, as well as many other things. I can see this brain, if you like, encompassing the world, and you’ve got these massive trees in the middle, you have mountains over here, rivers over there; they all contain different energies, different memories and history. So, as the nature spirits function, they can draw on this information. The same as we would draw on our past experience, to be able to evolve and grow and keep things stable.

Now, who controls all of this energy?

I know in the early days we were told there was 2 types of spirit, your nature spirit and human spirit. But that doesn’t seem quite the case, this nature spirit, this massive brain of energy, must be controlled by someone or something. Which is the plant, earth itself, which is a living being. And that is why, with our star signs, we get the energy from different planets. So, the Earth, when it started, it started basically the same way that we started. Starting off with nothing and then God created everything and then we experience everything. So, a planet will start by becoming an explosion of gas and then it starts to turn into a planet and so on.

G: In one meditation: I saw God make a planet. I was floating up to the sky and I saw an old pirate ship, with someone at the wheel, and it turns out to be God. I was in disbelief. Basically he just said “I can do whatever I like”. “I can be whatever I like” “I can show myself however I like”. Because I am everything. So, he was just showing me that all things are possible. Then he was showing me how you create a planet. Basically, he sends an energy towards a planet. It went around the planet, and then it opened up from the centre to the top and bottom, and completely enclosed the planet. He said ‘that just starts things going’. It will develop from there. There is an awful lot more to it, but I am giving the simplistic version because you don’t know all that information’. I could see it happening and I could understand so much. Now, it’s becoming a lot clearer.

So, the Earth starts to develop and it becomes a living being. Before all these tiny little bacteria, microbes and gases come out of the ocean, and start to grow; the earth itself is made up of the same things. It’s made up of energy, in the centre, which is hot, that creates gases, creates crystals, crates, all sorts of different gases of the periodic table. And that creates gases which create life. And that is the way life starts. And then life starts to develop. So, the planet starts to develop and you get these tiny little microbes that come out of the sea, and then you get fish and all sorts of things; and then eventually you get the human level.

Now, from what I have experienced and know, when the earth gets to a certain level, then humans start. Now, looking for clarity. I have seen gardeners in charge of the earth, who start to develop, let’s call them Australasians, and they got totally wiped out. What I have seen is that he decided to wipe them out, via a meteor or whatever, because they had gone so far off track,. It’s a bit like gardening, the weeds go off in all directions, so you get rid of them and start again. And that is what spirit does on this planet. And if you look at history, you will these huge gaps of 150 000 years, where there were no humans. They are finding now that the oldest human was something like a million years old. But that is nothing compared to a planet that is 8 billion years old. So, we get to a stage where the planet develops, it has dinosaurs, fish and all sorts of things on it. So where do humans come from? In Darwin’s theory you have the ape, and the ape grew into a human. I can accept that, it’s a natural development that apes would become human. One of the species has to grow up to be human. But then, you get to a level where the humans are going off track. So, the spirit in charge of the earth says, ‘right, that is not working so we will just get rid of them, very quickly, we will have a big tsunami, wipe them all out and start again.’ And let the development start over again. And time doesn’t mean anything of course. It can take up to 10 000 – 50 000 years to develop. It doesn’t make any difference.

This is what they say happens. The first lot of humans develop and they turn out to be a sorry lot. Everything starts falling apart. The earth has been around for 8 billion years, and this has just happened in the last 100 000 or whatever. So what they do, is not wipe them out, they basically take them to another area to develop, mentally, without a physical. So, let’s use the cavemen for example, all these cavemen would carry on, in a different dimension, exactly as they would. So, the earth itself is now empty and we can start planting and growing again. So, the main spirit in charge of the earth, will now take this first group, who have gone astray, to watch them, in a mental state, grow into the disaster state that they were going to grow into. So that they can learn from that.

G: Have I told you about Mom and I in Namibia, the tall people? Meditating at the bottom of sand dune, and in that particular area, we went back four time-frame periods. In this particular part, there were very tall people, they were like 7 or 8 feet tall, very thin, and they lived on a very scrawny diet, in the middle of a desert. Surrounding them for 100 miles in each direction was nothing but desert. So they assumed that they were the only people on the planet. Because they didn’t understand what the planet was. So, as they developed, they assumed it was only them that existed. There was only a few of them that decided to trek across the desert, to see if they could find the end of the earth or what was over there. Some of them made it, some didn’t. But those that made it, how could they now turn around and make it all the way back to their little village over 100 miles away? So, nobody ever came back. So, that was a learning curve for the group and eventually the whole group died out. And that became one specific memory, for the person who developed that group.

It’s been a very interesting and long night. The little red man comes and waves goodbye and says good night.

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