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PAST LIFE OF ABDUL AS A SLAVE IN EGYPT – 1994 Abdul is one of our regular Guides Miriam (Abdul) – Greetings my friends Luke – Greetings. Miriam (Abdul) – This is Abdul. It is strange to see you sitting here earlier, but the time makes no difference to us as long as you are prepared. I think you might find it much better at this time, fewer interruptions. I am speaking to you now as I said I would come and talk about one of my lives, not a good one, but I think you will find it interesting, and it will be up to you whether you will let anyone else hear it or not. The pleasure is mine to talk about it and I hope that you will enjoy it. This life of mine goes back many, many years when I lived in Egypt. But it is one that I recall frequently for those who are willing to listen, and sometimes we have discussion amongst ourselves about our past lives with people who have come over in astral. And can stay for a while, that is not to say that they are staying permanently but have trained themselves to pay us a visit for a longer time than when you are sleeping and it may be just an hour or two that can be broken. We have people who come and they are willing to help people who are still on earth for they can tell them of what can happen, and give proof of what we say and there are many discussions that we have like that. For this period I was a slave, no not a slave trader, an actual slave. Slaves have been from the beginning of man advancing from the beginning of time. There has always been those who will lead and those who are willing to be led and those who have no option. In this particular case I had no option because my education was non-existent, I will not say that I was stupid, but in those days if one did not have even a limited education, then we did not have the means to retaliate and complain. Complaints were many, we complained about the work that we did, the long hours, the hardship that we had, the sacrifices that had to be made with our families because we had to go wherever those who had bought us would take us. For a very few, they were in a good position where the masters were kind, but these were very few and far between in my day, for the women also it was bad. Unless they were taken to work with the ladies of the household where the majority of times they were treated as a slave, but kindly. For the men, it was a different story altogether. The thrashings and the beatings that we had were many, and many died very young. Many died of illness through lack of good food and of course hygiene, especially amongst the slaves was practically non-existent. Looking back it is a wonder that many did not die earlier, of the diseases that were rampant in those days. The work we did was mostly building, not on the pyramids, but we did have temples and great houses to be built. And these were built of stone and a mixture of the sand and small stone, which was bound, it was a cross between your dry stonewalling and I think you call it clinker, am I right? Luke – Yes. Miriam (Abdul) – But for the most part, it was the big stones. These had to be cut and shaped and then transported, and the transporting was very, very difficult. There were not many who had animals that were used for this type of work, at least not where I lived. My home was on the outskirts of I think you call it Laska, but it was very, very far from any facilities that would help us in our work. It was long before many temples were built, when the great masters were just beginning to accumulate the wealth and the means to barter for the slaves and to buy the necessities for the households. The households were always very, very large, it was not unusual for the master and his family and their families as well as his wife, I should say wives, because even then there were three and four wives and concubines, and sometimes the wife’s family, but not so many of the wife’s family as there were of the master’s. This was to keep the male side the dominating factor. Food had to be brought some distance and this was brought by traveling caravans of camel, the best of course went to the head of the household, coming down through the families to the servants that lived in, and least of all distributed to the hard working ones who lived on the outskirts of the walls of the temples and the houses. There was much fighting amongst the workforce, for it was brute force from the highest to the lowest of those who had no education to be able to argue for anything different. I think that even now in your time brute force is beginning to take over, but more brutality and more weapons than we saw. There were times when we had to go far to a field for the stones that were needed, it could be a certain colour that was needed for finishing, it could be for the very rich, the wealthy, it could be the marble that was beginning to be used in certain places. Not many had the large vats, but the marble was beginning to be used in columns to support the roof of the biggest of these places. This marble could not be transported overland to where we were, it was taken by sea to the nearest port, from there, it was taken partly overland to where there was a river, this river was then extended to the nearest to where it was needed and in this manner it may go through three or four small rivers to reach its destination. There were certain, specific areas where the marble, or special stone was then formed into what it would be needed for. It was not long before the means of transport was realised that these columns, once fashioned, could be transported in a much easier way by rolling. It was therefore after much speculation, and at first padding to protect, before realising that this was not necessary, the finishing touches were left to the last, but the main form was then hauled by many numbers of men in a rolling situation, it caused many, many injuries. For sometimes they had to pull, to lift, and then sometimes let it roll, while they held back, and it was during the changeover from pulling to rolling when many accidents were caused. The brutality of those in charge was very, very severe, for they were under strict orders themselves to transport as quickly as possible and therefore it was to them an easy matter to discard an injured person and just bring in another slave. So many were just left to die in agony without any attention whatsoever. I myself was injured many times, but fortunately not enough to be left but carried on the best of my ability hauling these gigantic columns to the site where they would be finished and placed. For a very few, they discovered that they had the ability in their hands perhaps from a past life, but they had the ability to do skillful, very delicate work on the stones. Once it was discovered, then they were very well treated, very well indeed, and much envy was caused when they were taken away from the very hardships that they were enduring, they were taken where they could be given the best of attention, in order that they would accomplish the tasks that they were given. Oh the envy that we felt when we looked at our own hands and wondered why others should have a gift and we should not. Because we had so little family life, there were many who tried to sneak into the servants’ quarters to make friends with the ladies, and very, very few escaped the notice of those who were guarding us even while off duty. Some who did escape the beginning would come back and tell us the tales of the young ladies, and we were dumbfounded at what we were told at how they were treated. Those who were beautiful, or at least very well endowed to look upon, were favored by the master and his family, but once they had aged or perhaps born too many children, then they were cast aside. Some were then given to those who were in charge of the slaves but there they were treated in a very, very bad way. For they were cast as the scum of the ladies, even some of the ladies themselves would treat their maids badly, but there were some, for we heard this in the different places that we went for stone, there were some who were treated very well indeed. The children were not always favored; many who were not wanted were cast aside and left to die. In fact the horrors that went on in my day were equally as bad as some of the things that happen in your lifetime now. In this life I had one brother, and no sisters. My brother was allowed to stay behind to look after my parents and other members of my family who were then too old to be of much use where I was working. That is not to say that they had an easy life, for they too had to work hard for the slaves that they still were, being bound to houses, or rather to masters of houses or traveling merchants, of keepers, of temples, of church officials, many, many ways, all were slaves in one way or another. The food we had was mostly grains and nuts, dates, figs, when we were lucky, very little meat, for there were not so many animals that were used for meat in that time. Clothing, for of course it was hot we did not need a lot of clothing, and we had not the animals to provide much in the way of skins, what was there was taken by those in higher authority. There were some trees where the bark was used, and some of the ladies from my village used to make these clothes, which were mostly, I think you would say a loin cloth with a strap over one shoulder. Nothing on our feet, and the heat of the sun on the sand and the cold at night soon hardened the soles and made them very tough indeed. The tools we had were of special stone, that I think you now call flint. The ladies were able to make certain utensils from the bark of the trees and from the bones that they managed to get from where the rubbish was tipped. If they were seen to do this then they were punished very severely, it had to be done with great stealth for the ladies of the masters used to think it should belong to them. And yet they were not willing to keep back the bones when they had the chance, it was beneath them. I hope that this has given you just a little idea of one of my lives and I will be speaking to you of more in the future, the year was in the 400 and something. I am getting away from the habit of counting in years and dates. I wish you good evening now. Luke – Thank you, thank you for coming. Miriam (Abdul) – I have enjoyed it, it brings back memories and as I have said we do relive our past lives occasionally, when it is going to help some who come to us in order to help someone on earth. Bless you my brother and sister. Luke – Thank you. Miriam (Ishmael) –  Well I don’t think I will say anything about my lives because I think you have had enough for one night. We do enjoy talking about our lives for not only have we to talk to those who come through on a temporary basis but because as you know there are many, many dimensions then we have to discuss lives for people who are going, not perhaps to the same lives that you have just heard, but certainly something in a far earlier period. And that may seem strange to you but it is true, there are lives going on from a very, very early period, for there is no beginning and there is no end. So it has to go around in a circle but how big that circle is, well that we cannot tell you, for we ourselves do not know the end of that circle. And neither I think do any of those who will be contacting you in the near future, it cannot be for if life is to go on and on, then only those who are of a very high vibration will know when and what is the ending, if any, and I think that has given you something to think about. And at least if you let others hear this tape, and we are quite willing to let you do, then it will give them something to think about too, goodbye for now my friend. Luke – Thank you, bless you. Miriam (Teacher) – This is Teacher, I said I will be back. Luke – Thank you. Miriam (Teacher) – And because you have been told of a life very, very early in your century, and I have told you that I oversee the guides, many, many planets, many stars, then you can understand just how many I have to oversee. But it is a task not just for me, but I should say for the band of teachers who travel far and wide, and as you have heard early at the beginning of man’s progress, and much further than you are now, where I am not going to tell you, for it would not do for you to know too much of the future, but once you have passed through the veil then you will be able to tune in to many, many places, and that is all I am going to tell you, but it is something for others to listen to and perhaps to understand that there really are many, many other vibrations, or you might call them different levels, it matters not. It is to us a higher vibration, for the higher and the faster we go then the more places we can visit, bye. Miriam (Gladys) – This is Gladys. Luke – Bless you Gladys, welcome. Luke – Yes. Miriam (Gladys) – Quite unexpected for you, but the area that you are going to cover in the future, I should say the knowledge that you will be given in the future, will expand so much that you will be told of many, many things that will surprise not only you, but all who will listen. And I hope that there will be many who will listen to the tapes that you are making, and that is something that we will do our best to arrange for we cannot expect you to broadcast the fact to everyone. It is a manipulation that we are quite within our rights to do if it will expand the knowledge of spiritualism, to let more and more people understand that they have nothing to fear once they pass through the veil, and that they have many, many interesting lives to live if it is to be that they wish to have another life. But even if they wish to stay at our side of the veil on the first vibration, then it is their choice, no one ever makes a person do what they don’t want, not even God. You may be shown another way, you may be directed a little and given a choice but always that choice is freely yours, and I think you have had enough for now, for I feel this lady is getting cold, so goodnight my children. Luke – Thank you for coming.

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