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ABUSED CHILDREN By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this Christmas Eve meditation a regular guide called Gladys is channeling through Miriam. (1993) Miriam (Gladys) – Greetings my children, this is Gladys Luke – Welcome Gladys Miriam (Gladys) – Tonight I wish to talk to you about something very special, another part of what I do with the children, you have heard how those who are very badly abused and maimed, how we treat them, and how the higher beings can help with the mind because they are so spiritual. But now I shall take you a little further, for those who do not wish to return to an earthly body and they have this privilege because of their past lives that they can go in a different direction. Just as you would have an apprentice who starts something and then finds that it is not quite their cup of tea, not quite what they are looking for and because of the help that they have had from these more spiritual beings, they wish to go on a more spiritual path and never more become a mortal. Now this takes a great deal of learning, because they have to undo anything that they were taught and learnt about on earth to begin with. And then they have to go to special teaching halls, it would be I suppose like a novice entering a monastery or nunnery, because they are both boys and girls who wish to do this. And they have to go through a very long tuition period to find out if it is a serious intent on their part, or if it is just a question of being so grateful to be away from the traumas and difficulties they experienced, as perhaps a patient falls in love with their nurse. It is a wonderful, wonderful task to be able to show these children the different spiritual paths that they can take because it does not have to be on one theme, a bit like being in a hospital, and you would have your doctors, nurses, surgeons and specialists. Then that is the best way to describe it, the spiritual path that will suit them best, but that is only after they have done a great deal of soul searching to find out if that is what they really want. We are very privileged to have these children, because the teachings that they are given with the spiritual higher beings, it is a bit like watching an eminent surgeon perform an operation, something that you know about but have never experienced, that is a very basic form of expressing it but perhaps you understand what I mean. Luke – Yes Miriam (Gladys) – We are privileged at the strength of mind that these spiritual nursing sisters, they are able to probe ever so gently into the mind without causing any distress whatever. Whereas if we tried, because we have all the earthly vibrations and troubles, that we have experience, then it would be a very, very poor effort indeed. We are allowed to watch the beginning of the lessons, when I say the beginning I do not mean just a short while, but the first stages which may last for quite some time in your time I suppose, quite a few years.  Then during this time the children are allowed to remain as children because they have a more active mind, a quicker grasp of things and the majority of them have not experienced growing up at all. It is only when they have passed the first initial teachings that they then leave that for a while and go to a different area, a different teaching hall where they learn about themselves, more as a grown up and the ages of different people who will be coming to them in the future. Because not all damaged people are children, there are adults and some prefer to stay with children but still on the spiritual path. So it is like a recreation, but a working recreation, I am thinking now of my days as a novice, you go through so many different stages, and you go through so many doubts wondering if you have chosen right and then you finally commit yourself to your creator, to the light that they know for they are not yet advanced enough to think of it in terms of a creator, but they do know that there is something far beyond their understanding, which gives them the strength and the wish to continue on that path. During this growing up time they are allowed to mix with certain other children, teenagers, but it has to be done very, very carefully, sort of grading because we do not wish them to have too many earthly vibrations until they are quite sure in their minds of what they have decided. After this initial resting/learning period they then return to their nursing sisters and from then onwards we are not in contact with them anymore, we hear how they are getting on but because the lessons and the tuition that they are getting is so very advanced, it would not be beneficial to us to be in anyway involved. Sometimes a child will come and ask for advice, they ask it of us and we cannot give it, but we direct them to those who can, it is a bit like your own children or anyone’s who think that their teachers do not always know what is right so they ask someone else, but generally speaking the ones who don’t wish to enter the spiritual path have been weeded out and directed perhaps to something in the half way mark, where they will help spiritually, but will also return many years later to other lives, still helping on earth or a different planet, but on a spiritual path. That is another aspect of the work that we do, very occasionally once these children have left us and we only have news from them, we have the odd visit from one who has progressed so very swiftly, but it has been because of the creator himself who has asked for that particular soul to be directed to something very special. Then we are allowed to speak with this person to say our farewells, because it happens to be that that particular child is one that we also have known would be very, very special, just as you in your earthly lives have been able to pick someone out and said they will go far, it need not be spiritual, it could be entertainment, it could be anything, but there is something very special about that child, and we have also seen the same and we are allowed to say our goodbyes and pass on our good wishes. This is not done very often, to come a request from so high must mean that that soul has to be educated faster into the spiritual life for a very, very particular reason and it is not, of course, for us to know what it is, but we rejoice and we are glad that we have had the privilege of being right in thinking that that person will be chosen. There is much rejoicing then, much rejoicing and although we are sorry to see these dear souls depart, we know that the work that they do is of such tremendous help to us in later years to all who are helping the passing over of tormented souls, that we are glad that more are treading that path. There are others who go in a different direction altogether, they have been in the very depths of depravity, the torture, the humiliation and the horrors that they have witnessed and had done to them, has given them the strength to want to help the tormentors. This is a tremendous task for them to undertake and it takes a lot of training, but it has been suggested before that if anyone who is on the wrong path and realises and changes, then he or she is a much better teacher and helper than someone who has not suffered likewise, is that not so? Luke – Yes Miriam (Gladys) – These dear souls who choose this path are only allowed to do it, once trained, in very short periods, for the horrors that they have to go through would completely destroy them if they went too long to begin with. It is a very, very gradual process but the rewards that they have are tremendous, and they really are very special souls. Some will eventually stay down in the depths of despair without returning for a long, long time, but even these people are visited by some from a very, very high vibration to give them strength and encouragement for they do not wish to leave the work that they are doing until they have completed the task which they start, not necessarily redemption on their part but because they say “I will do such and such” and then they stay. So that it is like a breath of fresh air when they have these visitations to give them encouragement and that they should know that if they should ever falter they only have to send the word and they can be taken away, but that very, very rarely happens. The whole of the universe is such a vast area that you cannot possibly comprehend the size of it with what you see. In the area it is good and bad from beginning to end. The thought was put out by this lady as to why we were created in the first place, if it was not necessary and that is something that as yet we do not know, we know that we return to life to learn a lesson, we know that everything that is sent out is returned, good or bad, but as to why the creator ever started life like this is something that only the higher spirits know, only those who are very, very close to the God head. But we do know from word that comes down that once the knowledge is given that makes sense, but to you and to us now, it may not. But we are satisfied that the thought that we have been given that it does make sense, we are satisfied that that is correct and the love that comes with that thought is so peaceful and loving. It is without question a settling of the mind that the idea is not a selfish one, it is not the whim of someone who wishes only to have power over subjects, it is something far beyond anything that we can comprehend, in the position that we are now. It is enough to satisfy us just as when you are told something by someone you can trust, you know instinctively that you must believe them and that it is right. All over the world tonight people are celebrating, many are celebrating in a spiritual way, with thoughts of Jesus Christ, many are just having a good time, and materially thinking only of holidays. Many other religions who celebrate their own worshipping at a different time still pause and think of those who have walked the earth preaching for so many years. It matters not whether the birth of Christ was the date you said, it is the idea behind it that you are celebrating the beginning of Christianity as you know it, and what matters, who or what you are worshipping, as long as it is a caring figure head a caring God head. And caring means that you must understand another person’s point of view, that they have chosen that particular path, not necessarily when first born, but have changed their religion as they have grown and matured. It is those who profess religion and separate families, who demand money from even the poorest to satisfy their lust for power, these are the religions which are in the dark hands of certain beings and one can only send out your prayers to these people that they will think hard of what they are doing, that they will consider other people have a right to a life and an opinion just as they do. Many a heart is broken because of someone being taken from their home and led into a different environment, a different upbringing and one that they know is not really for them but they are not in a position to change. The drugs that are on the market and around now, are nothing to some of the drugs being used in certain places and that we fear may spread much more quickly amongst those who have set their minds against the spiritual path and thinking only of self gratification, self indulgence, for the more one stimulates the senses then the more one needs, and so an addict is born and then soon loses their grip on life. We can only hope and pray that many also will realise the time has come to turn away, from worldly goods and be a more caring person, that is not to say that one must give away all your possessions and live as a pauper, it is not goods or money that corrupts but the love of the money and goods. For one can have wealth and still be a useful and caring citizen, to help those who are less fortunate, but when material things are put before anything else, then the rot begins to set in. We are thankful that not any of your family are in this mind, their eyes have been opened at an early date towards this and what little experiments they have had have led to nothing, and that is good. Sometimes when you come across a person, a child, a youngster who is heading in the wrong direction we shall put it to you that you may be in a position to help that person, to open their eyes to the future. For it will be that they have strayed away from their goal, but you need have no fear that you would not be able to do as we suggest and ask of you. We here tonight, do not celebrate as you are, but the children do and of course the adults that help with the children, for they are children themselves and they also do. They help with the parties, but for us we will be in our little retreat wherever it may be of benefit to a certain area. That we can send down peace to those in torment, hope to those who have none, love to those who are hating and even if they are celebrating, we hope that sometimes the message will get through, for sometimes the celebration is to blot out something that they wish to forget. But we enjoy our work and it is our choice, for we have many opportunities to have our celebrations, but we find that once people have taken drink and relaxed, quite often it is possible for us to get through to them quickly. I think you can understand that sometimes people are more sentimental when they have had a drink or two, and it is these people that we can then help better than when they are sober. I hope you have enjoyed another talk of the work that we do, I know I have enjoyed passing on what we know, for it always is a lifting of the spirits when we think of these very, very special people. And it makes us feel very, very humble, I bid you goodnight. Luke –Thank you for coming

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