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ADVANCING A BIRTH   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Verna and I are doing Astral Healing, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is John. Guide: You are both doing so well tonight. This is John, by the way. Verna: Welcome John. I’ve got a big pregnant woman here, a multiple birth. Geoff:  I’ve never seen anyone look so pregnant in my life before. I mean she can’t stand up – put it that way. They’ve got her standing here but that’s only because they’ve brought her, but she actually has to lie down – she can’t even stand up. The children have grown so quickly. Because there are so many of them it has pushed under the rib cage into the organs in this woman’s chest. They aren’t ready to be born yet, but there is pressure on her heart, on her lungs and chest, which is far too much for her. What we’ve got to do is advance the readiness, the growth of the children. We just got to make sure she gives birth very quickly. She’s not due for a few days yet. The babies inside aren’t quite ready. What we will do is advance their growth right now, so she can start giving birth. Now to do this, imagine the embryo, the unborn child. Imagine it as a white silhouette. That child must grow another- let’s say, a half an inch all around the silhouette. So you take the white silhouette and imagine a line which extends half an inch – that looks half an inch bigger. It looks as if the child has an aura, and his body’s got to expand into that aura. Expand another half an inch all the way round. Now, as we do one, it will repeat itself on all the others. So imagine this child right now with a line half an inch away from the body all the way around, and make that embryo grow until it reaches that line. This is just the few days that are needed. This is the growth that would normally take place. Verna: I want to know, I mean, how many there are – about four or five babies. Guide: There are five – one is positioned behind the other four, but there are five. Geoff:  One is pressing under the rib cage, which is very dangerous. Alright, now concentrate now on this expansion. Time is very important. Imagine this white silhouette – this white baby. Just pull all the energy into it and make it grow until you feel it is the right size, and I want you to compare its size to the others. Concentrate on the toes – the final ends of the toes and fingers are the last to grow. You must concentrate on the eyes of the child. From the last few days they start to push forward into the position which they should be in. The ears are lower than they should be. You just push them up a little bit because this also happens in the last few days. Then you imagine the internal workings, the internal organs, of this child – the tiny little heart beat- the lungs, which haven’t been activated yet. All the little organs that are now compressed are becoming a little bit bigger – they are becoming the right size in proportion to the child- and you give it lots of pink- lots of love- and lots of white- and it just expands a little bit– it’s like blowing up a balloon – all the wrinkles come out and now and it’s perfectly formed on the inside and ready to be born. Guide: I’m intrigued to know how you knew about the ears. Geoff:  Me too! Verna: Me too! Guide: I began to think that you have been present at a birth before, which I know you had in spirit but I don’t think you’d have remembered about the ears. It was the lady who was paralyzed at the back. Geoff:  Yes. Guide: You did that very well. You picked it up very well. Geoff:  Now this woman has realised the situation. Everything has started to happen. Her water has already broken, and she is rapidly going into heavy labour. She has friends there who will look after her. We must just leave her with lots of love. She will need a lot of energy to get her through these five children. Guide: They will all survive, thanks to the help that you have given. Geoff:  Yes. Geoff:  But she will be fine, they will all be born in next to no time. I think she was Italian.

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