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Alien comes to gather info from us

G: I have a visitor. Ah this is too nice. He just came right into me. I can feel him from head to toe. When I started I was asking about aliens from other planets. And I saw first of all, a face. And now he is right inside me. 


Alien: Difficulty is not with travel or communication. It’s getting a body which we have into a body that you have. And it is simply the soul, the spirit but your communication, of course is different from ours. So we have to adjust for that. And we have to not so much understand your language, because dealing with the mind, you will simply interpret it into the words that you want. But in this case I am using the vocabulary that I can see and that I can interpret the way I want to get across what I am wanting to get across. My appearance is totally different from that of a human appearance. And our cultures are completely different from your cultures. But we learn from one another because of situations like this. The way that your planet has developed is one that we saw developing many years ago. And we only witnessed it developing, ours developed on a totally different platform. And what we are experienced in, you are inexperienced in, but also so much is vice versa. There is so  much to learn


S: from everybody.

There is so much to learn from these intergalactic communications, using one of your words, that we enjoy the experiences as much as you do, but on a different level, because you have a creator and you have religions, and we have a creator and instructions. So the instructions are that we live our life according to the instructions that we have, which gives us total peace and a thirst for knowledge from other planets and other solar systems. 

S: So you are not born with free will and other capabilities. 

We do have free will but we choose not to use it because we believe that the creator has a plan, which if we follow, will allow us to develop the way that he wants us to develop. 

S: Where are you from?

That would be an impossible thing to answer because where is your world compared to ours? 

S: lol. 

You have your own language, I would have to learn your language and have to see what you see in the stars, to be able to tell you where we are. But it can be, the distance means nothing. You can travel like this across the entire universe because there are intergalactic highways, if you like, it’s very simple for us to travel in a direction to get somewhere. It’s a matter of you, the same as thought is transferred from one to another, so we can transfer our thoughts from one to another. I’m speaking from where I am, and I am not here, only my energy is here. The energy is giving me a direct translation with where I am, and the energy is looking into your structure, your knowledge, you language and interpreting to the best of my ability, to converse with you.

S: Wow. 

Now this is all instant. This is why we have this thirst for knowledge. We have the instructions of how to live our life which gives us peace and tranquility. What you are searching for on this planet is balance.

S: Peace and balance.

Balance.. And that is what I have been told you are learning. 

S: yes. 

Now, as my energy comes into this person’s energy (Geoffs) I am allowed to pick up his thoughts because he is allowing me to, and I’ve picked up his experience. I know also, that he has past experiences in different lives in a different dimension. I cannot as yet access that dimension because he is not allowed to access that dimension. So I come here to learn and to send, to take back knowledge and to give you a little knowledge of how we exist in our world. Now if we have total peace in our world, total balance, then what we look for outside, is additional knowledge to understand how other races, planets, people who do not have the same peace and do not have the same balance. We find it of great interest that you here on this planet develop and you use freewill, and you learn and you grow and you evolve. The speed of our growth is much faster than yours because you have the freewill and you make the decisions whereas we choose to follow the instructions and then look elsewhere for additional knowledge. 

S: So, by us making mistakes is how we learn and thereby we learn faster, whereas you, following a form and structure, a more structural path, you learn from others. Others experiences

Yes, other experiences in what you would call a spirit or soul

S: Okay, okay. 

So, we can look at your life, we can look at the life of both of you, and we can understand completely what you have experienced from beginning to where you are now. So that huge amount of knowledge, which has taken you many years to go through, we can take all in a matter of a few seconds.

S: wow.

Now, does this mean that our society is more developed than your society? When I think from your level here, knowing what I do from home, I will say that we are maybe further evolved and it’s been decided that as we evolve, we no longer need freewill as such. We have a greater starting point. So as you experience more and you go through more lives and you evolve more, maybe when you choose to have your next lesson, as you say on your planet, you will choose to do it with more starting information. If you took the information that you have had from your past lives, and the both of you have had many past lives, where you have slowly evolved and learned and progressed. If you could take all of that information at once and then move to a planet like ours, your starting point would be far greater.

S: yes. 

So then what is your goal? If you understand that you are at that level, what is the next level upwards? Now, you can see from where I am coming from, having discipline and instruction and then coming here and taking all the information from your world back to my world, which I will share with others, so our development is so much faster. 

S: yes, so it’s much more progressed. 

Far more progressed. But let me explain that a little bit more. There are many types of progression. As you are learning here, you are learning of the different energies, and the different emotions and everything that goes in that ‘lesson’ shall we call it. Whereas we have developed on different planets using different methods. It’s a little too complicated for us to share with you. But can you imagine a society for example, where a simple emotion, and let’s take the emotion of greed, is removed from society. Let’s look at a society where there is no need for illnesses. Or maybe a society where there is no need for any form of crime. Or one where there is no physical bodies so there is no need to do anything physical, it’s purely on a mental state. There are so many.

S: They all sound so blissful. Lol. 

That is relative, as you will soon work out.. You would like to be where we are because we start at a point of balance and comfort.

S: Yes. 

And then we learn more and the learning is an excitement. So coming here to visit the two of you, is a great excitement for me. Not so much for what I learn, because I can learn from a different person on a different planet on any given days, but the excitement of being able to communicate and to understand completely what goes on in your world and bring it back to my world, where I can share it with others. 

S: Shew. That is amazing. 

Now one thing we do not have is families. Does that surprise you?

S: No not really, because as entities,…. no it doesn’t. 

You can understand if you are created as a single soul, to use your language, and then, what you are looking to achieve at the moment is to give to so many others, to help so many others, if you could do that on your own, would you need a family? 

S: No

And also, where no one else has a family, you are basically all one family.

S: Exactly, everyone is … we are all,… with little tiny tentacles, all connected anyway. No one is individual or separate.

Yes. All connected through energy. 

S: Yes. So yes, not surprising. More beautiful in fact because in this reality here, people make those family connections so meaningful. Which is what we were talking about the other night, is they make those connections so meaningful when that person or being might not be a contribution to them, but it’s just a part of the lessons they are learning, but we make the connection of family so meaningful, which impacts those lessons. 

Yes, and that is the way that you have developed. 

S: exactly. 


Now if you took a planet where everybody, and I am not talking about our planet and the way we have grown, but a planet where everybody starts and everybody is connected. So the family start to grow from a few to many. Just continue to grow and everyone has interaction with the other. A bit like your nature spirits that you were discussing. 

S; yes. 

And have they developed? 

S: Yes. 

So imagine a planet, to give you a much better example, imagine a planet of just nature spirits. And there is just nature and nature spirits and nothing else

S: Shew. 

Now, you have balance, everything is relative, so in their world, that is all they are looking for but that is as far as they can go. They have a limited upper and a limited lower boundary. So they will stay there and they will learn and they will not progress too much. 

S: yes, there is no progression. 


S: You constantly need the negative, the positive, the balance. 

Yes. And there is far more, which you will learn shortly on positive, negative and balance.  You asked this evening, to be shown a bigger picture of all the different energies, colors, emotions and so on. There are far more than you know about. And with what we are using here, the energies that we use here, to travel, are something that you won’t even see in this lifetime. Communication with multiple people, I see this one has had communication with a lot of people at once. And does a lot of work in astral with others. But you can imagine how you can communicate to literally everyone on the planet, individually or together. It makes the use of, or it makes the creation of the mind, which does the learning, completely different. 

S: And we limit our own belief system. We limit ourselves.

You have, again, you have the high and the low. Those that do limit and those that don’t. And that of course is the balance that you need in any society. I will leave you now, the energy is starting to get through to this one. 

S: Thank you.

And I thank you for listening and it was such a pleasure to come and visit. 

S: Thank you. 

And I will hopefully come visit again. 

S: That would be lovely.


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